Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. My boys. I saw this and had to snap a pic ;). The bigger two were annoyed (not that you can really tell). Thankfully the lil one doesn't know to be annoyed yet!
2. LOVING absolutely LOVING this Spring weather (pictures from a few weeks back).
3. I was hoping to go to the library on a Wednesday but the kids said they didn't wanna leave the house so dress up it was instead. 
and the "beauitful" princess. 
She's a hot mess but you gotta love her bop, raggedy hair, her glasses (aka:headband), mismatched shoes, and of course her Cinderella dress.
4. Getting some fresh air...
5. Molly Elayne
6. Crew Bryer
7. Mason Dale
8. Mason said to me, "I wanna go to Grandma's house." I said what Grandma? (We turn one way to go to my parents and the opposite to go to Brian's parents). I was interested to see if he knew based on what way he turned which grandma's house he was headed to. He said to the grandma with my cousins. And yes he turned the right way. Good job buddy!
9. This girl is OBSESSED with trying on shoes. Every morning IF she has one piece Pjs on she needs to undress herself in order to try on all of Camby and Binley's (old) shoes on. Bless her little heart!!! (Don't mind her crazy hair)!
10. Rub-a-dub-dub...three little babies in a really tiny tub!!!

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