Tuesday, April 12, 2016

{Crew} Eight Months

Stats: According to my scale Crewsers weighs between 18 and 19 pounds. (Guessing closer to low 18s). Next well child visit is May 19.
Sizes: Crew is wearing a mix of 9 month, 6-12 month, and hand me down (from Mase) 12 month and 12-18 month clothing and size 3 (Kirkland brand) diapers. As for the clothes some 9 mon/6-12 mon items were looking a wee bit small while other {name brands} fit him great yet. To be honest I added in the 12 mon/12-18 mon clothing because I just really wanted to use some of Mason's 12 month long sleeved/pant clothing. It was wear now or wear never.
Food: Crew stopped breast feeding just after 7 months. He now gets four 6oz bottles of formula a day (745, 12, 4, and 745)-ish on all those times, (We do the Meijer version of Enfamil Premium). He still eats baby food but isn't so impressed with it. Would much rather eat big people food. (Have to feed him the baby food before the rest of the family hits the table else he wants nothing to do with it. Everyone else gets big peep feed-he thinks he needs it to). However, since a lot of it {big peep food} falls to the ground or falls in his seat I still do baby food to make sure he keeps gaining weight.                                                        
Routine: Crew goes to bed around 745pm most nights. He gets a bottle and once done I lay him down and he instantly rolls to his belly and is out in a matter of minutes (if he's not already out). He sleeps all night long til anywhere between 6:30-7:30. (Most often just before or after 7). He gets his first bottle after waking and eats breakfast with his siblings. Takes his first nap of the day 2-3 hours after waking. Takes a second bottle around 11:30/12 and eats lunch. He takes an afternoon nap anywhere between 1 and 3pm (depends on how long the morning nap was. I try to align it with Molly's nap). Takes his third bottle around 4. Eats dinner with the fam. And sometimes takes an evening nap (depending on what time his afternoon nap was). If he takes an evening nap we never let him sleep longer than 30 minutes. If he takes an evening nap he goes to bed around 8...if no evening nap he's more than ready to go down around 7:30/7:45.
Developmental Milestones: Crew can roll to get ANYWHERE (and I mean anywhere) he wants. If we are not in the family room with him the gate now needs to be up. He just started to slither on his belly/army crawl this past weekend and gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth (as of this weekend as well). He loves practicing his standing but has yet to pull himself into a standing (or sitting) position. The first time I made him stand he fell and hit his head twice in a row so for the next few days he was not happy when we made him stand...however, he now loves it!!!
Loves: Crew loves eating big boy food. Crew loves sucking on anything and everything (he can spot paper and iPhones a mile away...although he isn't allowed to suck on either. Kid gets mad when we take those things away). Crew loves pulling mama's hair. Crew loves "swimming."  As in laying on his belly flailing all 4 extremities. Crew loves pulling all the DVDs off the T.V. stand. And Crew loves watching his big bro and sis.
Dislikes: Crew doesn't care for his face being wiped nor sitting in the tub like a big boy. Or maybe he just doesn't like being in the tub with his sister?!

How cute is he?!! No dislike picture...so instead a super cute picture!!!

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You just recently became a huge wiggle worm with diaper changes.
  • You are a mama's boy.
  • You started sitting in the tub like a big boy at 7.5 months.
  • You like holding your own bottle and although we let you-to mama you're still a baby...so I typically hold you while you hold your bottle.  
  • Mommy switched jobs this month. After 12 years (2 as an aide and 10 as an RN) at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital I took a job at your PCPs office...Grandville Pediatrics. I absolutely LOVE it. My pay may have gone down but one negative among so many positives is SO worth it. No more holidays. No more weekends. And no more 12 hour shifts. Well almost no more. I am staying on at HDVCH as Resource so I do have to work 24 regular hours and 24 flex hours every 6 weeks and most of that time will be put in on weekends BUT I get to pick what weekends. BOO YAH!!!
  • You celebrated your first Easter.
  • You got yourself some C-R-A-Z-Y hair. Wild curls on the top and sides and looks as if we shave the back.

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