Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. FIRST T-Ball practice. Aaaaand he LOVED it!!! Big bummer that practice #2 wasn't quite so enjoyed due to the bitter cold (and nasty wind). And practices 3 and 4 were canceled due to the bitter cold. Ready for the warmer weather (predicted) for next week!
2. Kid loves him some baseball...
3. Our first visit to Crazy Bounce in Holland. Totally unplanned and SO much fun.
4. Marvel's Live!!! Such an amazing show {and night} for this Avenger loving-Spiderman loving boy.
5. She wants to pee on the toilet like a big girl but sits there all of 2 seconds so of course she never actually pees in the toilet. Then she refuses a diaper back on. She's exhausting...
6. Don't think I posted this one yet. If apologies. Not a huge Easter bunny fan but we were at the mall so I thought...WHY NOT?!! Unfortunately they only let you take pictures from the side. And double unfortunately daddy was in charge of taking a picture. (I brought the kids in and didn't need them freaking out if I walked outside of the gate). Of course he didn't call their names to get them to look at this is what we got.
7. Brian went to Costco after work last Monday. We ate dinner. Then I headed out to Meijer for the rest of our groceries. I came home from getting groceries to the top picture. I was NOT happy. That is just under 400 diapers (size 3 AND 4) all unwrapped. Daddy was occupied (just imagine what he was doing and where he was) while M&M went about destroying the packages. Of course he (daddy) just throws them all back in. My OCD was not okay with that so the bottom picture is all me. Of course I threatened the kids that if they even touched those diapers again I would...leave that one to your imagination. Four days later and they still have NOT been touched!
8. Now that's a pile of my lil "helper"...
9. Oh my {heart}!!!
10. Typical Sunday morning before church...all ready to go with B in hand and bop in mouth watching daddy's iphone.

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