Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Just shooting guns (with their eye protection in place)...
2. Crew graduated to sitting in the tub like a big boy. Of course the two bigs just had to join him...
3. Crew woke really early one morning and the mean mama in me made him cry it out. (In my defense I peeked on him and he looked just fine). Took off his sleep sack (when he started crying at a more normal wake up time) and noticed that both legs were in ONE PJ leg. No wonder he was so upset. Oops!!!
4. Molly looking SO pretty in her new dress from cousin Brinley. She loves wearing Brinley hand-me-downs!!!
5. Working out with mom and dad. A family that EXERCISES together STAYS together!!!
6. Brian's response..."If you ever do that again I will shave his hair off..."
7. Mall play area F-U-N now that most of the nasty sick bugs are going away!
8. Checked out the new Rebounderz during Toddler Time this past Tuesday. SO.Stinking.AWESOME!!! A must do again. And WAY (times a thousand) better than Skyzone (where ALL they do is yell).
(Watching big bro and sis...and pry wondering when am I ever going to be big enough...)
9. Always trying on shoes. Typically from the basket in her room but on this day it was the shoes by the backdoor...and her pjs were obviously in the way...
10. First walk (of the season) to see {Molly's beloved} goats. Too bad my phone died just as I was about to take a picture of her squealing with joy when she first saw those beloved goats. Oh time.

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