Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. This kid always wants to make "funny faces" for the camera...
2. "Matching" pj's...just bought 3.5 years apart!!! Love me some Helmholdt brothers!!!
3. And then sis wanted in on a picture. She doesn't like being left out. Love me some Helmholdt kiddos!!!
4. What our typical Sunday mornings look like...ready and in SUPER chillax mode with iPhone and tablet in hands. Don't judge...
5. THIS IS REAL. NOT staged. My boys are finally sharing a room. Just took 8 months. As a reminder Mase has been sleeping in our room on the floor in a sleeping bag for the last 8 months.
6. Getting his first taste of sand. Oh boy...could be a long summer of {sand} taste testing.
7. G&G Helmholdt got a new boat and a new kayak...happy summer for us!!!
 8. Sass with her Minnie "bike" and Mase with his preference over a bike
9. Trip #2 to "Our Zoo" (as Mason likes to say)...
 10. Molly and her beloved goats. All day long all this girl EVER talks about are these stinking goats.

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