Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. During the month of April if you have a John Ball Zoo membership admission into the GR Children's Museum is FREE. You better believe we took advantage of it!!!
2. Worked up an appetite at the Museum so to McD's we did...
3. There are some days I want them to stay little forever...
4. Little man is off and slithering and his favorite place to slither to would of course be...THE STAIRS.
5. If you can't find Crewsers...just know he could be ANYWHERE these days...
6. {Family} bike rides to the park are the best!!! (Crewsers really enjoyed himself).
7. And the trampoline made its debut...
8. Another gorgeous day means another bike ride again to the...PARK!!!
 9. This car has been a HIT with all three.
10. Notice the hair in the above picture? It needed some serious taming. Here is my sweet boy after his FIRST haircut {at the ripe age of 8 months}.

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