Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. They let Mommy shop {at Tanger Outlets} so Mommy let them play...
 2. Before Tanger we conquered Target. May the force be with you....
3. Happy morning smiles to send daddy's way. Sometimes I really love this technology filled world.
4. Yes...those are turds in the toilet!!! Woot Woot Molly!!! (And no we're not potty training. Just heard her tooting so I thought why not. And this was the result).
5. Oh my heart...SO stinking precious. Another moment when I just wish they would stay little FOREVER!!!
6. Exploring South Elementary's back playground. (That's Molly in the back of the photo. She wanted to beat Mase back to the bikes. Safe to say she did. THAT girl)!!!
7. Running bases. A fave activity. For the life of me I cannot understand how he can be fast as lightening on these type of occasions but put him on the TBall field and he's slower than molasses.
8. GO #8...
9. Big boy hair. Big boy pjs. Stop growing kid.
10. All ready for his very first TBall game.

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