Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Hager Park playdate. This kid wanted DOWN. And believe me he was a dirty mess when we left.
2. Molly always wants her flip flops on. Running around at a park and all. Good thing she's got skill (and doesn't trip in them). Funny thing is her BIG brother STILL dislikes wearing them.
3. Had another fun play date at Frog Hollow. But needed to kill some time before naps. Don't mind the fact that Molly and Crew don't have pants on. Molly literally ran out of hers (thankfully my sis is really good at putting tucks in her pants/shorts) and Crew with his scooting filthied his right up.
4. Dirty dirty baby...unhappy that I took his straw away...
5. Hey Mom, look at these cute shorts. Que my laughter!!!
6. Watching brother and sister swim.
7. Can't tell by the pics but daddy picked up the King Kong of inflatable pools end of last summer. The kids are thoroughly enjoying it with all the beautiful summer weather we've been having!!! (They really aren't as white as the pic shows. Need to fix my camera lighting)...
8. Such a FUN Friday with some of their bestest buddies!!! Too bad the rain stopped us from having a campfire.
 9. She LOVED the fact that Blake was pushing her.
10. Bless their sweet little hearts. One year difference. Same park. Same swing. Same cuties!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Loving the water table. And LOVING the warm weather!!!
2. Nothing beats a sweet sleeping butt in the air baby. So incredibly thankful God surprised us with this "perfect" little boy. Would clone him again and again!!!
3. For some reason I LOVE taking pictures of my kids sleeping. So peaceful.
4. "Mommy...carry ME."
5. Did the Great Escape Room for our HDVCH May Staff meeting. Here's the Thursday group photo. So.much.FUN!!! (Google it if you don't know what it is).
6. Playing bball and riding scooters at G&G Vugteveen's house (after church and lunch).
7. Buddies. Don't let the choke hold fool you.
8. Somebody loves peanut butter!!!
9. Here I go again with that sleeping baby picture taking business...
10. Molly asks EVERY single day...multiples times a day...to go see the goats and horses. So we do 2-3 times a week...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Loved his Oreo cookie and then loved his bath (because it was sans his big sister)...
2. Tulip Time 2016. We hit it up on the most perfect evening!!!
Yea for being 42 inches. Got to do some "new" rides this year!!!
Crew still wasn't completely himself. Poor baby.
The TRIPLE M&Mers...Mommy, Mase, and Mols.

3. Brian really went on this. His stomach was a lil queasy when he got off. Of course I teased him about that but lets be serious 1) I would NEVER even dare to go on a ride like this and 2) I would have (excuse me) shit my pants if I even attempted a ride like this. 
4. We typically do a May {lil family} weekend getaway. This year we headed to Auburn Hills to check out the new Legoland and Sea Life Aquarium. Legoland was great. Wasn't so impressed with the Aquarium. We left Saturday morn (May 14) and headed straight to Legoland. They had a cool 10 minute movie to watch, a couple of rides, a play area, and lots of Lego building to be done. Molly could only do half the stuff but she was a trooper and would say "I can do when I get bigger."
5. After Legoland we ate at the Rainforest Cafe. The kids LOVED it.
6. Next we checked into our hotel and took naps before heading back to the mall (Legoland, Rainforest Cafe, and Sea Life are all in the same Outlet Mall. And let me tell you this mall was HUGE). Back at the mall we checked out a few toy stores (the fave was the Disney Store), a candy store, and for dinner fries and shakes (yea for being vacation). After all that fun we headed back to the hotel to swim and call it a night. (Don't mind Molly's bop in the picture below she was overly tired and the bop helped calm her down).
Trying on princess shoes and sunglasses.
Enjoying a yummy chocolate shake.
Her prize for being good in the car...two bops. She LOVED her prize!!!

7. The next morning we ate some breakfast, followed it with some more swimming, and then got ready to head to the Sea Life Aquarium.
8. We had a few minutes to kill before Sea Life opened so we played on some mall toys.
9. And then it was finally time for the Sea Life Aquarium. Unfortunately we learned the hard way that we totally could have done the Aqaurium and Legoland in the same day for a discounted rate. We thought it would be too much in one day for our kids. We were wrong. The Aquarium took us a mere hour. There really wasn't much for them to do there. A year and a half ago we went to Ripley's Aquarium in the Smokies and that was AWESOME. Was thinking it would be similar to that. Molly was refusing pics by this time and Crew slept through the hour at the Aquarium...hence no pics of them.
10. Grandma Helmholdt gave them each some money to pick out a "treat." They each chose some Legos. Thanks Grandma (and Grandpa).

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ten On Sunday

1. My sweet Crew Bryer after 268 days IN and now 268 days OUT!!! (268 days OUT occurred on May 5).
2. He just had to play with all the toys that didn't sell on the garage sale. But as soon as I put them on FB they sold instantly. Yea!!!
3. Shopping with just this little lady and she wanted to sit in her baby brother's car seat. Lol.
4. Where's Waldo Molly...
5. Mother's Day 2016. My sweet baby came down with high fevers the day before. Boo. So what was suppose to be a very busy day became a much less busy day. We did still do lunch out with G&G Helmholdt at good ole Red Geranium but Mommy stayed home from church in the morning and daddy stayed home at night while we celebrated Gma Vugteveen. After lunch we did make a quick stop to visit the girls.
6. The night before Mother's Day we went over to G&G Helmholdts for dinner.
7. And Sunday night (like I already mentioned above) we headed out to the Tibbe's house to celebrate Grandma Vugteveen (and we celebrated Gpa V's birthday too). 
All the cousins minus my sweet Crewsers. Of course everyone (including my stink pot Molly) looked right at the camera. Perfect pic except for the fact we're missing one grandkid.
Grandma with M&M
 8. All excited because we're meeting cousins (Austin and Connor) at Rebounderz!!!
9. Had a blast jumping their lil hearts out...
Crew just wanted IN on the action.
10. After the fevers settled down...then this nasty drainage started coming out of his eyes. Woke up with his eye glued shut one morning. Poor boy.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

{Crew} Nine Months

Stats: Guessing my little man weighs in the upper 18 pound range (or for sure praying he does)!!! We'll find out next week Thursday at his 9 month well-child appointment.

*Update 5/19/16...soo my lil guy was NOT in the upper (or lower) 18 pound range. He came in weighing 17lb 4oz. Which is a mere 3rd-10th%. Gotta get some meat on this kid. Dr. M told me to increase the calories of his formula so we are (hoping this makes a difference by his 1 year appointment)!!! He measured 27in (25th%). And his head was 17.75in (50-75th%).
(My poor post viral rash baby).
Sizes: Crewsers is wearing 12 month or 12-18 month clothing. And a few 9 month/6-12 month pants. As for diapers he's still in size 3 (Kirkland) brand.
Food: Crew gets four 5oz bottles of formula a day and sometimes he'll take/need an additional bottle of 3-4oz. He eats a mixture of baby food and big people food. After we finish our current supply of formula (Meijer off brand of Enfamil Premium) we're switching things up and are going to try out Meijer's off brand of Similac Advanced. Making the switch because for the past month Crew has been a huge puker. But go figure after I buy the new formula (which he has NOT started taking yet) he's barely if at all spit up.

Routine: Crew still goes to bed around 7:45. However, its been a rough month for sleeping through the night. A week after turning 8 months Crew started waking/screaming multiple times a night. Final verdict = teething. But it took THREE looong stinkin weeks for the {left} front tooth to finally POP through. Anyways Crew takes his first bottle shortly after waking, eats some breakfast, and about 2-2.5 hours after waking he's ready for his first nap. He'll nap 2-3 hours. Shorter if were out and about. He gets a second bottle between 11 and 12. Followed by some lunch. He takes his second nap anywhere between 1:30-2:30 just depends on what time he woke from his morning nap. This nap is usually 1.5-2 hours. Gets his third bottle between 3 and 4. Followed by dinner. And his final bottle before bed.
Developmental Milestones: BIG MONTH!!! Crew started crawling (well slithering) on April 13. Pulled himself into a standing position on April 26 (but has only done a handful of times thus far). And he's pulled himself into a seated position on April 29 (and is starting to do this more and more frequently).
Loves: Crew loves his bops!!! Crew loves watching his big bro and sis!!! Crew loves his mama (and his daddy) but mama is def the fave)!!! Crew loves exploring the house since he can get around so well these days!!! Crew loves tubby time (as long as sis isn't in the tub too). And Crew loves iPhones!!!
Dislikes: Getting his face wiped. Bike rides (well riding in the bike trailer). And getting his diaper changed.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • Celebrated your first Mother's Day.
  • Switched from drinking 6oz bottles to 5oz bottles because of lots and lots of spitting/throwing up. Puke spots all over the carpet.
  • You got your first {impromptu} hair cut.
  • You started sharing a room with Mason (right at 8 months). Sharing went great for a week and then a little thing called teething started happening. Because Crew was screaming so much during the night he was waking Mason (in both the middle of the night and at 6am (6am being Crew's wake up time for a short bit)). Neither which was cool. So after two weeks Mason moved back into our room. So Crew is currently living the dream all by himself again.
  • You are very inquisitive about the stairs. If the gates not up you would try to crawl down them (face first).
  • You got a "new" car seat this month. New meaning Mason's old one. So long baby carrier.
  • You are quite the night time snuggler. And even though I would prefer you to sleep all night long...I do LOVE me some Crewser snuggles!!!
  • You started sleeping with a blanket covering you this month.
  • You love riding in the stroller like a big boy!!!