Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ten On Sunday

1. My sweet Crew Bryer after 268 days IN and now 268 days OUT!!! (268 days OUT occurred on May 5).
2. He just had to play with all the toys that didn't sell on the garage sale. But as soon as I put them on FB they sold instantly. Yea!!!
3. Shopping with just this little lady and she wanted to sit in her baby brother's car seat. Lol.
4. Where's Waldo Molly...
5. Mother's Day 2016. My sweet baby came down with high fevers the day before. Boo. So what was suppose to be a very busy day became a much less busy day. We did still do lunch out with G&G Helmholdt at good ole Red Geranium but Mommy stayed home from church in the morning and daddy stayed home at night while we celebrated Gma Vugteveen. After lunch we did make a quick stop to visit the girls.
6. The night before Mother's Day we went over to G&G Helmholdts for dinner.
7. And Sunday night (like I already mentioned above) we headed out to the Tibbe's house to celebrate Grandma Vugteveen (and we celebrated Gpa V's birthday too). 
All the cousins minus my sweet Crewsers. Of course everyone (including my stink pot Molly) looked right at the camera. Perfect pic except for the fact we're missing one grandkid.
Grandma with M&M
 8. All excited because we're meeting cousins (Austin and Connor) at Rebounderz!!!
9. Had a blast jumping their lil hearts out...
Crew just wanted IN on the action.
10. After the fevers settled down...then this nasty drainage started coming out of his eyes. Woke up with his eye glued shut one morning. Poor boy.

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