Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Hager Park playdate. This kid wanted DOWN. And believe me he was a dirty mess when we left.
2. Molly always wants her flip flops on. Running around at a park and all. Good thing she's got skill (and doesn't trip in them). Funny thing is her BIG brother STILL dislikes wearing them.
3. Had another fun play date at Frog Hollow. But needed to kill some time before naps. Don't mind the fact that Molly and Crew don't have pants on. Molly literally ran out of hers (thankfully my sis is really good at putting tucks in her pants/shorts) and Crew with his scooting filthied his right up.
4. Dirty dirty baby...unhappy that I took his straw away...
5. Hey Mom, look at these cute shorts. Que my laughter!!!
6. Watching brother and sister swim.
7. Can't tell by the pics but daddy picked up the King Kong of inflatable pools end of last summer. The kids are thoroughly enjoying it with all the beautiful summer weather we've been having!!! (They really aren't as white as the pic shows. Need to fix my camera lighting)...
8. Such a FUN Friday with some of their bestest buddies!!! Too bad the rain stopped us from having a campfire.
 9. She LOVED the fact that Blake was pushing her.
10. Bless their sweet little hearts. One year difference. Same park. Same swing. Same cuties!!!

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