Sunday, June 12, 2016

{Crew} Ten Months

Stats: Hoping Crewsers has gained at least a pound (putting him at 18.4lb) since his last appointment on May 19. We've followed the doctors orders to a T. Meaning we started upping the calories in his bottles IF he wouldn't take at least 6oz. And sometimes just for the heck of it I add more than needed to his 6oz bottles. Guessing his height is between 27.5-28 inches.
Sizes: Crew was not interested in taking a belly pic on this particular day :) so we compromised!!! Crew is wearing 12 month or 12-18 month. Although just yesterday I pulled some of Mason's 9 and 6-12 month summer attire out. Thinking it will fit him since all his 12/12-18 month stuff is still a wee bit big. And he's still wearing size 3 Kirkland brand diapers.
Food: Hallelujah we finally got Crew to take a 6oz bottle consistently!!! Which means he now gets 4-5 6oz bottles a day. (Meijer's off brand) Similac Advanced (a switch from last month when we were doing Enfamil Premium) is the formula of choice. As for solids we've pretty much moved completely away from baby food and onto to big kid food. He still misses his mouth quite a bit but in time I figured he'll learn. Just like his siblings he is proving to be a picky eater. What he likes HE LIKES. What he doesn't he just makes into a huge mess for mama.
Routine: Crew is a gem. I tell him all the time that I wish I could clone him!!! (As if he understands). He goes to bed around 7:45. (Later if we're out and is summer after all but he does let us know he don't like it. Being up late that is). We snuggle in Mason's bed with his last bottle of the day and when he's finished I kiss him and put him in his crib with his 20 bops (only exaggerating a lil bit), Scout, and two blankies . We moved on from a bit heavier blanket to a lighter summer Aden and Anais swaddle blanket. (DON'T JUDGE). He sleeps all night long and wakes between 6:15/6:45. Hoping this changes when I order some darkening curtains for both the boys and Molly's rooms. (Fingers crossed)!!! He was sleeping until 7/7:30 until the sun started shining in. Both the boys and Molly's room get direct sunlight in the morning. Crew gets his first bottle shortly after waking and takes his first nap 2-3 hours after waking. Sleeps for 2 hours if were hanging out at home with no plans to go anywhere else 30-45 mins if we need to be out the door. Gets his second bottle between 11 and noon. Takes his second nap around 2 (typically another 2ish hour nap). Gets his third bottle of the day after waking from his second nap (4ish). Eats breakfast/lunch/dinner with the fam. And as I already mentioned goes to bed around 7:45 with his fourth bottle. Sometimes a fifth bottle gets squeezed into that schedule somewhere.
Developmental Milestones: It's been an explosive month!!! Crew started climbing the stairs (thanks to big brother on June 2). Not that I trust him by himself yet but he hasn't fallen so that's in his favor. He is learning that he has to go down on his belly...but that's a developmental milestone in training! He pulls himself into sitting and standing positions ALL THE TIME. He has started walking along furniture a wee bit. Waves ba-bye (sweetest thing ever). Shakes his head no-no-no. Has started giving out kisses. Says mama and dada. And finally started crawling on his knees (June 9). (Only took 2 months of slithering to realize crawling was easier).
Loves: Crew loves being outside. Crew loves suckers. Crew loves exploring. Crew loves his mama, dada, big bro, and sissy. Crew loves being tickled. Crew loves drinking out of straws. And Crew loves M&M's sippys.
Dislikes: Not much the kid dislikes except getting his face washed.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • When mom or dad tell you think you are hilarious when you shake your head back and forth at us.
  • Your fourth tooth (I mis-wrote last month) came in on May 23.
  • Eight to Nine months was rough with teething and illness. Nine to Ten months was blissful. Praying Ten to Eleven is the same.
  • Celebrated your first Memorial Day by attending your first parade.
  • Mommy still gets compliments all the time on what a cute baby and what awesome hair you have.
  • You are a crazy wild boy when it comes to diaper changes. Always want to turn onto your belly or get on your knees.
  • When there is action happening around squirm every which way to see what is happening. And taking a bottle while action is happening is nearly impossible.
  • You are the squirmiest. Need to see what's happening. Never want to sit still baby ever.
  • However, you are also the happiest baby EVER!!!
  • And finally the day before you turned 10 month...Mommy took your 9 month photos. Better late than never!!!

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