Friday, June 17, 2016

Ten On Friday

1. My handsome lil fella!!! His shirt is only a wee bit big (although it doesn't look terribly big in this picture). Oh well guess he'll be able to wear it next year too.
2. Me and my two favorite lil boys!!! (Don't mind the farmers tan action going on on my legs).
3. Doritos + slide = one HAPPY girl.
4. I could EAT this kid. Seriously love that lil face!!!
5. Summer + friends + water = fun times!!! And let me just say here that I LOVE Sunday summer evenings!!!
6. Swim lessons. Week #2. She was not so excited :/...lots and lots of tears were shed but at least she didn't fight me.
7. His shirt says it all. He may be tiny but he can make mighty messes when he gets cupboards opened.
(Decided to pull out Mason's 9 month summer attire. And glad I did because he'll some good use out of it for the next month or so).
8. Conked out at sister's swim lessons. PTL. It's a lot of work tending to Mols (who cries pretty much thee entire time) and Crewsers. Mason is a help but he is only 4...
9. And my third sick baby kicks the dust. Fever fevers GO AWAY. Praying its all outta their systems before vacation!
10. GOT a smile!!! Pry because its the LAST day of lessons!!! And boy was it a C-O-L-D one. SUCH a BRAVE girl. Love her to pieces!!!
Not a fan of the diving board but does what is asked.

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