Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. finally. FINALLY. FINALLY this dude will ride his bike. Not sure what happened but our wonderful sitter emailed me a picture of him last week Wednesday and ever since he's been a riding machine.
2. One factor that pushed him to start riding (I think anyways) was this lil lady. We kept telling him that Molly would learn to ride before him. He's competitive so that probably got some wheels turning inside that lil mind of his.
3. Last week Friday was Mason's last TBall game for the season. He loved every minute of it {the season} and is already signed up for fall ball.
4. Keeping busy well I took Crew's 9 month photos...
5. People may not believe it when I say it...but here's proof...this kid ain't always happy. We had to take his pictures in two parts. We went first thing in the morning and he lasted about 5 minutes before he lost it. So we went back after a good morning nap and finished our photo session. And thankfully got a few good smiles among a lot of silly and sad faces.
6. Thursday night cook out with friends...
...Molly and Levi above and Mase with Jude and Rhys below...
7. It's crazy to think that the friendship between the 7 of us (I can count its just one of the gals lives in PA) started 10 years ago. After graduating from 3 different colleges (and we went to 3 different high schools) we all had random connections to each other (or connections through each other) and slowly over the course of 2006 we all became friends. So thankful for this group of gals. And that our hubbies and kids get along as well.
Back: Karie with Linden, Krista (pregnant with #2), Rachel with Wade, Gretchen (pregnant with #2).
Middle: Molly, Tenley, Quinn, Rhys, Jude, Harris, Levi, Cohen, myself with Crew.
Front: Melissa with Haven and Mercy, Wells, Lawson, and Mason.
(Missing: Janna, Ezra, Josiah, and Naomi). 

8. I survived Meijer with my three littles. It was a proud moment day for this mama. I really don't care to take any kids grocery shopping...much less ALL 3. Last minute I decided to bring Molly's play grocery cart with and it was an ingenious idea. If I need to take all 3 again...the grocery cart will DEFINITELY be coming with.
9. My sweet but sick baby girl. Came down with a fever early Saturday morning. Thankfully it only lasted 12 hours. But Saturday was a loooong day.
10. He loves "fishing." Just prefers using a net instead of a pole. He was so proud of himself!!!

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