Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. We've had a little ant infestation in our house...but nothing like that pile. Eehhhhh...yuck!!!
2. Bop sharing babies. Or should I say one of the two is a bop stealing baby girl. She literally pulls it our of Crew's mouth and pops it in her own. (She's not allowed to have her bops outside). Guess she found a way around it.
3. Some sisterly/brotherly LOVE. Most days I think he wants to swat her but there are some days {here and there} that he loves her attention.
4. I bought Mason's shirt back in February. I bought Crew's outfit in early May. Didn't realize how similar the shirt/romper were. (Mason's has a strip of orange that you can't see in either picture). Figured it out when getting them ready for church a few weeks ago. Guess I have "twinners" 3.5 years apart!
5. Oh. this.girl...
6. This kid has no problem creeping/sliding through the sand getting to where he wants to go.
7. Finally got around to the bringing the girl's flower basket to the cemetery. A great start to our Memorial Day. Since lil man woke so early he got to go with mama!!!
8. HAPPY Memorial Day. So thankful for those who have (and continue to) fight for our freedom.
Bought the boys matching shorts. A first for me.
9. After our quick photo shoot it was P-A-R-A-D-E time...with Grandma, some cousins, and a couple of Aunts. The Parade was way more entertaining than years past and the kids received lots of yummy candy.
This lil lady didn't care about collecting any of the candy. She just wanted to eat it...faster than her big brother could collect it.
10. Later that afternoon we headed over to Aunt Courtney's house to grill out and swim. This dude is still a lil water shy (when it comes to water where he cannot touch).

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