Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Rosewood Park and Splash Pad. A must this summer if you live near or in Jenison. Perfect for little kids. My babes had a blast.
2. Third (maybe fourth) trip to JBZ. Love us some zoo!!! Love us some goats...
Some days its just impossible to get them to both look AT THE SAME TIME.
3. Played his buddy Levi in Tball. They acted like they didn't even know each other. Lol.
4. Grandma and Grandpa were watching the Tibbe kids so we made a quick stop over to play for a bit. Unfortunately it started to rain while we were there so our outdoor fun was cut a little short but turned into some fun indoor play.
5. Swim lessons with Miss Rita. She has no idea whats about to happen...
6. This kid. Enough said.
7. Don't be fooled...he did NOT enjoy this.
8. Her shirt says it all..."Candy makes me happy." Yes, Molly. We know!!!
9. My little swimmer. Not quite as quick of a learner as her big brother was but on the flip side she doesn't fight me like he did either. Reach BIG. Kick HARD. You got this Mols!!! One week down. One to go.
10. My "teaching Crew how to climb the stairs" helpers!!!

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