Saturday, June 25, 2016

Ten On (why not) Saturday

1. My lil lady and I got our toe nails polished up before our trip to the Dells. Wasn't going to take Molly but she started crying when I tried to leave so decided to give it a shot. She didn't do too bad but 1) it was not very relaxing and 2) $8 for a simple polish is too much money.
2. Ice cream anyone... As you can tell he enjoyed himself!!!
3. After a super fun vacation the kids were still excited to come home and play with their friends Adrijana and Blake again. While Brian and I unloaded the van the kids immediately ran over to play. And play and play they did. Finally made them come in for a little dinner break and then after dinner we road bikes to get ice cream and play at a park with the Fedewas.
4. Her look after a day of travel. Oh my!!! {Her hair tie must have broke on the bike ride because the mess was tied back into a pony. Eek that tangled snarly mess}.
5. My laundry "helper" sucking on his sister's bop.
6. I love when she takes care of him. Protective big sis.
7. Paying babies. (Don't mind the mess in my basement). And yes playing babies entails being naked.
8. Messing around with my camera in the sunlight. Feel like my outdoor {super sunny day} pictures are always too light. Need to take a class. Don't wanna take a class. 
9. First yes Molly IS wearing undies outside. {Her pants got super sandy}. And no were not potty training her...she has a diaper on under the panties. But the main reason I am posting these pics is because of the flip flops. This girl is OBSESSED with wearing OTHER people's flip flops. Blake's flips in the first pic and Adrijana's flops in the second.
10. LOVE LOVE LOVE pool days at Aunt Courtney's house. They may not be overly relaxing but I LOVE watching my kids have fun (and I don't mind getting a little sun myself either). AND this might be the first picture EVER of Mason willingly swimming in her pool. In the past he's always been forced in and would then proceed to cling to either Brian or I. After swim lessons with the wonderful Miss Brittany and a vacation in the Dells with many reassurances that wearing a life jacket is completely fine we've got a kid who LOVES the water!!!

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