Tuesday, July 12, 2016

{Crew} Eleven Months

Stats: I'm guessing Crewsers is mid to upper 18 pound range. Won't find out for sure though until his next well child appointment on August 18. How is it that my baby is about to turn one?! Bittersweet day for sure.
Sizes: Crew can still pull off 9, 6-12, or 9-12 month clothing but for the most part he is wearing 12 or 12-18 month clothing. He's still in size 3 (Kirkland) brand diapers and he can wear size 3 or 4 in shoes.
Food: Crew gets FIVE 5oz bottles of {24 cal formula} a day. Meaning we use 5oz of water and add 3 scoops of formula...increases the calories from 20 to 24. Need to bulk that boy up. He's still getting Meijer brand Similac Advanced. Eats all table food. (Although most of it still misses his mouth). And just like his siblings he IS picky.
Routine: Crew goes to bed {most nights} at 7:45pm...unless we're out and about then it might be a bit later. He wakes anywhere between 7 and 7:30am. Most nights he sleeps all night long but on occasion (typically due to teething) he needs a little cuddle time with mommy around 2am. Falls instantly to sleep once I pick him up and lay with him. And also on occasion he hoots out around 5 or 6am but always after a couple hoots he goes back to sleep on his own. For the most part he is a wonderful sleeper! On the days we're just home (with no morning plans) which is NOT very often Crew will get a morning (9:30-11:30ish) and an afternoon (2-4ish) nap. Most days were out and about though so for the last week his morning nap has been either skipped and he takes one long early afternoon nap (12:30-3ish) or he takes a late morning (1130-1:30ish) nap and a later afternoon (4-5:30ish) nap. He gets his first bottle asap upon waking. A second bottle at 10:30ish. A third bottle at 1:30ish. A fourth bottle at 4:30/5ish. And his final bottle at 7:45.
(Snoozing at the Zoo)
Developmental Milestones: Crew can go UP and DOWN the stairs all.by.himself!!! Such a big boy! He learned this trick on July 7. So we no longer put our gate up. I'm still a little nervous on stairs that don't have a landing half way though. And he cruises along furniture. But has yet to take any steps on his own. If we give him our hands he'll take a couple steps before he plops himself down.
Loves: Crew loves balls. Crew loves his mommy. Crew loves daddy, brother, and sister too (but he really loves his mommy). Crew loves M&M's sippys. Crew loves either his own or Molly's pacis. (But if Molly catches him with one of hers its out of his mouth in 2 seconds flat. Girl does not like sharing. Although she'll help herself to his whenever she pleases). Crew loves stairs. Crew loves exploring the pantry and fridge/freezer. And Crew loves sucking on anything and everything.
Dislikes: Cold water and his face being wiped. And he will not sit still for a diaper change.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You helped daddy celebrate his fifth (well sixth) and your first Father's Day.
  • You went to the Wisconsin Dells (hopefully only the first of many)!!! And this was also your first trip out of the great state of Michigan.
  • Your fifth tooth (another on the bottom) came in this month. 
  • You constantly try (and often succeed) in pulling your shoes off. Shoes were a new thing this month because of constant owies (bleeding) due to crawling on cement.
  • You love helping mommy with the laundry and mommy "loves" your help. NOT!!!
  • Most mornings you wake up with a dirty diaper. Fun way to start the day. NOT!!!
  • You are SUCH a happy baby. I could clone you times a million!!!

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