Thursday, July 14, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Happy FOURTH from my three favorite lil firecrackers!!!
L.O.V.E these FACES!!!
2. A trip to the park with daddy and {GASP} he actually took a few pictures!!!
3. Mols walked through the whole store holding this shirt. I told her to put it back (without looking at the shirt). She did NOT want to put the shirt back and as I grabbed it from her I took a quick peek and decided it was actually kinda cute. Took it to the register to see if I could use my $10 off $10 coupon and booyah I could. Molly was SO happy with her $2.11 Minnie shirt!
4. JBZ with friends. Boo for the non beach weather. Yea that it was super nice zoo weather. Original plan was to hit up Millennium Park/Lake/Splash Pad but low 70s and mostly clouds made it more of a zoo to the zoo we went.
Crewsers enjoying a lil freedom!
5. These four...
6. Can't EVER get all four looking at.the.same.time...
7. Lake day at G&G Helmholdt's house.
8. This kid is just the best. 90 plus degrees at Zeelmania and as happy as can be. Thankfully he's a baby and we could strip him down!
9. Zeelmania F-U-N (not many pics were taken cause it was so blasted hot) and since it was in the 90s a visit to downtown Zeeland's splashpad was a must.
10. It's Molly Mario :)

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