Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. 6:24:2016-Spent our evening going out for dinner with Brian's cousin and his wife and afterwards we headed back to their house for a gator (gatorade per Molly) ride. Six years ago I never would have imagined that anything good could ever again occur on this date. Thankful for God's healing hand to our hearts.
2. Fridge opens and this kid comes a-running!!!
3. Twinners. First time I bought them both the exact same shirt. Mase thought it was pretty awesome!
4. Celebrated Alayna and Ella's SIXTH Birthday. Hard to believe SIX years have passed. So thankful for the promise of JOY in the MORNING!!!
LOVE this family that God has given ME.
Blessings #4, #3, and #5
She did NOT want to release a balloon. Daddy finally got her to and...
she LOVED it!!!
Watching Layna and Ella's balloons go Up Up and Away.
5. Enjoying one large (and very yummy) BIRTHDAY COOKIE...
6. Watching the rain come pouring down. And because they matched so nicely I just had to snap a pic. Aren't they C-U-T-E!!!
7. Happy Father's day to one of the BEST. We're lucky to have him!!! Since we were on vacation for the actual Father's Day and since I always have to have a picture of them dressed in their best the following Sunday served as our "Father's Day."
8. The plan was to hit up the Big Beach (Holland that is). Unfortunately it would have been a wee bit too chilly so to 8th Avenue Beach we went.
9. Love his creep. Kid knows if he crawls the normal way that his knees and toes will get all scuffed up. He's a smart lil boy.
10. Small Group hangout. These 3 are precious. As you can tell Molly loves her some "baby" Charlotte!

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