Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Sweet babes both climbed into my bed one night. Brian was sleeping on the couch so they made themselves comfy. When Brian came in at 4:40am (he thought it was 1:30) he headed back to the couch for his last 20 minutes of shut eye.
2. We LOVE Holland Beach and we enjoyed ourselves a nice little family evening out.
3. This kid is a climber...
4. This picture describes my Molly P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y...chillaxing in her "pool" without a care in the world.
5. Donuts at Sprinkles for being good at the Hallmark store.
6. Playing peek-a-boo at the library...
7. Wedding = date night!!! Congrats to Miss Justine (and her new hubby Tyce)!!!
8. And here's Miss Justine (the new Mrs. Clement). Hard to believe that I watched her (and her 3 siblings when they were little). Now she loves on my littles!!! And do they ever LOVE her!!!
9. And while mom and dad were at the wedding. These lucky lil nuggets got to go with G&G Vugteveen, Uncle Brandon, Austin, and Connor to the 48th Avenue Riverbend Antique Tractor Show. They had SO.MUCH.FUN!!!
10. How they were sleeping when I peeked on them (before going to bed myself) after a FULL day of OUTDOOR play :)

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