Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wisconsin Dells Day 2

After a greats night sleep for some we were ALL ready for our first full day of fun come morning. (I say some because Molly woke a couple of times during the night screaming cause she didn't now where she was and Crew was up every 1-2 hours...until finally I just slept with him on top of me. Thankfully Mason slept like a champ. In my children's defense they never sleep good in new places when they're little. As in Molly's age and younger). 
These boys spent most of their time building tepees out of sticks when not at the water parks. 
Waiting for the short bus.
Enjoying our day at Lake Wilderness (Outdoor) and Wild West (Indoor).
After a fun late morning/early afternoon (10-1ish) we all headed back to the cabin for a late lunch. After our late lunch most everyone headed back for a few more hours of water, sun, and fun before dinner. After dinner we rode the go carts and got ice cream. Such a fun night!!!
Cousin LOVE.
In our rompers!
The "Vugteveen" girls or should I say the Vugteveen grand-girls.
Happy Father's Day to two of the BEST!!!

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