Friday, August 19, 2016


Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday Crew Bryer...Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
The bigs wanted in on all the F-U-N!!!
Cinnamon roll for the birthday boy.
Ready and raring to pick daddy up at work (in his big brother's FIRST birthday shirt) to go out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday lunch.
Daddy's home (this means PRESENT TIME)!!! The bigs were WAY excited about this but Crew had better things to do ;).
Climbing on his new Lego table.
After opening his presents from mom and dad it was off to Grandpa and Grandma Helmholdt's house for birthday party #2.
You finally started to get the idea of what it meant to open presents. 
Grandpa put the cake in front of you and you wasted NO time...
Big brother had to "dive" in too.
What a fun birthday!!! It wasn't the best weather-wise but what do you care?! Happiest of Birthdays to our special little man!!! We loved celebrating YOU!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. A few weeks back Molly has been waking at night. One night she tried climbing into our bed but I (being the mean mommy) walked her back to her bed (tears streaming down her face). The following morning I told her she was a big girl and that she couldn't come into mommy's bed. Guess she literally took that to heart because when Crew cried out at 5am the following night this is where I found her...
2. We have the bestest summer baby-sitter. She bought a cake mix, made the cake with the help of M&M, and made this awesome sign for our sweet boy's 1st birthday. LOVE!!!
3. Millennium Splash Pad. Even though the one pic doesn't show it-the kids had an absolute BLAST!!!
4. Lunch break. 1-2-3 NO ONE LOOK ;)
5. And after lunch we did the lake side of Millennium Park. Again the kids loved every minute of our time there. The water was so warm and they could touch all the way out to the buoy which they thought was awesome. So thankful for a mom/grandma willing to join us on all our adventures. I def don't do water without a second hand!!!
6.{Tear} my "baby" is ONE. You are such a special little boy Crew Bryer. And we are beyond blessed God gave surprised us with YOU!!!
7. Month by Month...brown hair to red-ish to blonde. And check out those curls from 6-8 months.
8. Oh ya know...just some brotherly LOVE.
9. Not posed. They literally were all sitting in their own chairs. Of course I couldn't help but snap a quick picture.
10. Mario Batman ready for the races in the rain...

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Birthday Party #1

Last week Friday we celebrated your FIRST birthday with the Vugteveen side. You had a joint party with cousin Easton (who turned 6)!!! Before heading to the party Mommy snapped a few pics of you in your new (and in my opinion WAY adorable lil shirt).
First thing on the birthday party agenda was lots of swimming. Next eating. And then more swimming (mixed in with a lil tubing).
After swimming we opened presents and then everyone took a turn hitting the pinata (see above).
Crew could have care less about opening his presents. Good thing he had LOTS of helpers!!!
Trying out yhis new chair.
And finally it was time to blow out his candle and eat some cake.
Crew approved.
Crew did NOT approve.
Molly with her Cambrey.
Mommy with the birthday BOY.
Happy Birthday Crewsers!!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

{Crew} Twelve Months/One Year

Stats: Haven't actually weighed Crew recently but just gonna go ahead and say he weighs low to mid 19 pounds. Won't find out for sure though until his next well child appointment on August 18. How is it that my baby IS ONE?!! Having mixed emotions about this. (Update: Crew Bryer weighed in at an impressive 20lbs 2 oz. And measured in at 29 inches. Putting him in the 15th% for weight and 25-50th% for height).
Sizes: Crew can still pull off a few 6-12 month onsies and a few 6-12/9-12 month shorts but for the most part he is wearing 12 or 12-18 month clothing. He's still in size 3 (Kirkland) brand diapers and he is wearing size 4 shoes.
Food: About a week ago I switched Crew to four 6oz bottles (vs five 5oz bottles). He's adjusted to that switch just fine. He gets these bottles around 7/7:30, 11/12, 4, and 7:45/8. And then this past Tuesday he got his first taste of (1%) milk. So far he has had 6 bottles (all 1%) and he does pretty good with them. He definitely prefers them warmed up a touch though. Finally bought him some Vitamin D milk last night and he inhaled that bottle (warmed up). Then today at lunch he took the Vit D milk cold (cause we were out and about). Thinking I'll move him to 8oz (instead of 6oz) because I've tried a couple of 8oz bottles and he has inhaled them.  And as far as food goes he's still not a stellar eater. Extremely picky. So def a work in progress. Although he does like C-A-K-E.
Routine: Bedtime has been getting a wee bit later than I prefer 8:15/8:30 and sometimes as late as 9...EEK. Once the busyness of summer is done we'll get back on schedule. And his sleep has been interrupted by two more teeth popping through this month. Of course these teeth popped through AT DIFFERENT TIMES so he has been waking once a night for quite a few nights. Ready to get him back to sleeping through the night on a consistent basis. He wakes between 6:45-7:30am. Sometimes he naps twice a day and sometimes just once. (Depends on what we have going on for that particular day). If he naps twice its still about 2-3 hours after waking (for 30 mins if were trying to get somewhere and if were staying home more like an hour and a half to two hours). He'll take his second nap around 2pm for another two hours. If just one nap a day then typically he's ready to go down by 1pm but often he gets pushed until 2pm. That nap too is about 2 hours long.
Developmental Milestones: Crew is a climbing M-A-C-H-I-N-E. Climbs on anything and everything that he can. He is also a walking machine (BEHIND his walker and with our hands). Has yet to take any steps on his own. And as plain as day says dada. And as of TODAY mama!!!
Loves: Crew loves to climb!!! Crew loves to walk behind his walker!!! Crew loves playing catch!!! Crew loves his tongue!!! Crew loves his paci!!! Crew loves him a bubba!!! Crew loves water (and has no fear)!!! And Crew loves his mommy (and rest of the fam too)!!!
Dislikes: Diaper changes, face being wiped, and getting splashed by water (especially if it's cold).

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • Two more teeth came in this month...taking the grand total to SEVEN.
  • You learned that walking behind your walker (or any toy that you can push) is a really fun activity. One that you can do for hours (inside or outside)...
  • You took the quad for a ride. Your very first and you LOVED it.
  • You went on your first enjoyable boat ride. Meaning you didn't cry thee entire ride. You only got mad towards the end. Else you actually kinda liked it. (Thinking it was the different life jacket that you wore).
  • You love sticking your tongue out.
  • You traveled to Wisconsin for the second time this summer. In Wisconsin you went to your first wedding reception.
  • You went camping for the first time to Sandy Pines.
  • You helped mommy celebrate her 33rd birthday.
  • You don't like busy get togethers. For example when we're with the Vugteveen side there are so many people you are always searching for me and you whine until I pick you up. If you can't see me you're fine but if I'm in view it's a constant whine until I pick you up. When we're with G&G Helmholdt or just G&G Vugteveen you are totally fine.
  • You are still the easiest baby ever. (Def my best baby). I would still clone a million of you. Please don't EVER change!!!
  • You seem to be way more investigative then what you're brother and sister were/are. If I cannot find you-it pry means you are downstairs playing. And at the age of 4.5 your brother will STILL not go down by himself.
  • You are a mama's BOY. Not going to lie I kinda like it. Yes at times it means more work (and more get ups at night) but I LOVE being LOVED so much!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Toilet seats CANNOT be left open (ahem...Mason Dale). Thankfully Mase remembered to flush and thankfully I had just cleaned that toilet. Oh Boy!!!
2. Crewser found a new toy. Thinking its Crew approved.
3. Quick trip to Woodland Mall to return some Gap purchases. (Oh how I miss our Rivertown Crossing's Gap). Molly just had to wear her sunglasses INSIDE and since I took a pic of Mols Mase thought it only appropriate I take one of him too.
4. A new fave summer activity...swimming in the middle of G&G Helmholdt's lake. And taking a lil boat ride to get there.
5. 1...2...3...JUMP!!!
6. This kid. My "firstborn." LOVE him to pieces. Can't believe he starts preschool in a month. Life is only gonna get crazier.
7. A hole big enough for the both of them...
8. Crew's new fave activity...walking with his walker!!!
9. Headed to the big beach (Holland Beach) with grandma on Monday. What a beautiful day!!!
10. Our normal sitter was on vacation so Brian's cousin's (kid) (another sitter of ours) watched the kids for us. To the Kent County Fair they went. Thankfully Kaila said they did great. And per my kids they had a blast. So thankful for such WONDERFUL summer baby sitters to give the grandma's a lil break.