Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sandy Pines Camping

The last weekend in July we went camping with our neighbors. Only for two Sandy Pines. Wouldn't you know it rained the night we arrived. It rained the following morning. And it rained as we were packing up. What a bummer. Despite all the rain the kids still had a BLAST!!! But after all that rain I was ready to be home.

My sweet baby boy right after we arrived and right before it started to rain for 2 HOURS
The following morning brought about a lot of trailer playing as we waited for the rain to STOP.
Hallelujah...the rain finally stopped
Sporting their Alaska's sweatshirts from G &G Helmholdt 
The highlight of the camping trip...the "lake."
(Always a  lady (notice NO pants) and always stealing other people's flip flops).
The sun finally started shining so to the pool we went.
(Always stealing her brother's pacis).
After the pool I took my two littlest back to the trailer for naps while Brian, Mase, and our neighbors played a lil mini golf. (A first for the kids). 
The trailer across the street from ours let us take a couple spins on his golf cart. The kids LOVED these rides. (The little girl in the middle was his daughter. They went to the same daycare as our neighbors).
Once Molly and Crew woke up we took another spin with them.
After a fun filled day a yummy dinner of tanca's was just what the doctor ordered.
It just so happened that the one WHOLE day we were gone was my BIRTHDAY. Despite the morning rain it turned out to be a beautiful birthDAY!!!
After dinner we hit up the park and and rode some bikes...
And that wrapped up our one and only camping trip for 2016. Back to Muskegon next year with the Vugteveens.

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