Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Toilet seats CANNOT be left open (ahem...Mason Dale). Thankfully Mase remembered to flush and thankfully I had just cleaned that toilet. Oh Boy!!!
2. Crewser found a new toy. Thinking its Crew approved.
3. Quick trip to Woodland Mall to return some Gap purchases. (Oh how I miss our Rivertown Crossing's Gap). Molly just had to wear her sunglasses INSIDE and since I took a pic of Mols Mase thought it only appropriate I take one of him too.
4. A new fave summer activity...swimming in the middle of G&G Helmholdt's lake. And taking a lil boat ride to get there.
5. 1...2...3...JUMP!!!
6. This kid. My "firstborn." LOVE him to pieces. Can't believe he starts preschool in a month. Life is only gonna get crazier.
7. A hole big enough for the both of them...
8. Crew's new fave activity...walking with his walker!!!
9. Headed to the big beach (Holland Beach) with grandma on Monday. What a beautiful day!!!
10. Our normal sitter was on vacation so Brian's cousin's (kid) (another sitter of ours) watched the kids for us. To the Kent County Fair they went. Thankfully Kaila said they did great. And per my kids they had a blast. So thankful for such WONDERFUL summer baby sitters to give the grandma's a lil break.

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