Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. A few weeks back Molly has been waking at night. One night she tried climbing into our bed but I (being the mean mommy) walked her back to her bed (tears streaming down her face). The following morning I told her she was a big girl and that she couldn't come into mommy's bed. Guess she literally took that to heart because when Crew cried out at 5am the following night this is where I found her...
2. We have the bestest summer baby-sitter. She bought a cake mix, made the cake with the help of M&M, and made this awesome sign for our sweet boy's 1st birthday. LOVE!!!
3. Millennium Splash Pad. Even though the one pic doesn't show it-the kids had an absolute BLAST!!!
4. Lunch break. 1-2-3 NO ONE LOOK ;)
5. And after lunch we did the lake side of Millennium Park. Again the kids loved every minute of our time there. The water was so warm and they could touch all the way out to the buoy which they thought was awesome. So thankful for a mom/grandma willing to join us on all our adventures. I def don't do water without a second hand!!!
6.{Tear} my "baby" is ONE. You are such a special little boy Crew Bryer. And we are beyond blessed God gave surprised us with YOU!!!
7. Month by Month...brown hair to red-ish to blonde. And check out those curls from 6-8 months.
8. Oh ya know...just some brotherly LOVE.
9. Not posed. They literally were all sitting in their own chairs. Of course I couldn't help but snap a quick picture.
10. Mario Batman ready for the races in the rain...

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