Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. On our way to Wisconsin for a family wedding...
2. When your sleep cycle is really off--you really crash. Oh my sweet sweet boy!!! (Don't mind all the blankets in the pack n play this was during nap time)...
3.  Cousin P-I-C-T-U-R-E...14 of 25 Holwerda great grands. And 14 out of 18 that were actually at the reception. Fun times with family!!!
4. On the way back home we had planned to stop at the Milwaukee Zoo. But our plans were thwarted with some super high temps (90s) so we instead hit up the Madison Children's Museum. The kids had a blast and the air conditioning felt wonderful to this mama.
5. This girl is barely ever cooperative for pictures. Hit the jackpot today.
6. As you can tell by their expressions they were all super pumped to take this picture for me ;)
7. LOVE LOVE LOVE that she has her own "bike" to ride. Thanks Fedewas for letting us borrow your trike!!!
8. All snuggled in by dad (at 1pm) after our 2 day camping trip to Sandy Pines. Guess they were tired.
9. Went into work for my on-call shift. Only to arrive and be told that they forgot to call me. So back home I went and off on a run I did go (with my favorite lil lady who just had to come with).
10. Spent the most perfect night at Holland Beach last night. Pizza, play and swim followed by some Captain Sundae ice cream. Love our family time!!!

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