Saturday, September 24, 2016

Ten On Saturday

1. Off to the Hudsonville Christian Craft Show with my favorite lil lady.
2. And fall ball is underway...(and bonus that Daddy is his coach)!!!
What A S.T.U.D
3. And a few of his biggest fans...
4. Happy 25th Anniversary to the Fertility Center!!! So thankful for this place. The staff.
and THESE doctors...
But ABOVE ALL to God for granting the deepest desire of our hearts. 
Crew maybe wasn't an IVF baby but he's certainly a one-in-a-million miracle in our eyes!!!
5. Pajamas from Banff...thanks G&G Helmholdt.
6. Made him take a picture by the HCS sign. Yes I am that mom. Only a week late.
7. Love love LOVE the JOY on this kid's face!
8. Went apple picking with these 3 monsters. It wasn't nearly as fun as I pictured it would be. Good thing memories come in all shapes, sizes, and feelings.
Here's the back story... A few weeks ago Mason asked to go apple picking. Last year we went with Brian and we just missed out on picking Honeycrisp. This year I was not going to let that happen. So we went without Brian since no evening worked in the week and a half Honeycrisp were being picked. Mason picked 1 stinking apple (started eating it) and said he was too tired and it was too hot out. We lost Crew's paci. (Searched for that stupid thing for at least 15 minutes because I did NOT have a back-up with). He wanted to stand in the wagon. I kept yelling at him and making him sit. He was NOT happy with me and thus was crying hysterically. A lady tried cutting ahead of me in the check out lane. Molly wanted to stand on the weighing scale. It blatantly says do NOT let your kids stand on here. (She didn't but SO wanted to). She tripped and fell as we were heading back to the van. I couldn't pick her up between the apples and carrying Crew already. And to top it off we accidently left her blankie at home. Awesome-sause :(. We left all hungry, sweaty, and tired...

9. Crazy hair night at Awana. Molly just had to join in. Love that girl. If only she would potty-train then she could go to Puggles at Awana with all her "friends."
10. Having a ball playing fall ball...

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. In celebration of Mase's first (and oh so very successful) day of school we picked up lunch and ate it at a park (none other than Frog Hollow Park...again).
2. Chillaxing with my feet up while my three minions play in the sandbox.
3. Well my feet didn't last up for too long. This kid has no fear...
4. Love going on walks with this little lady. Just love her!!!
5. Didn't get a picture with my big boy on his first day of school so snapped this gem on his second day. (Don't mind my working attire).
6. Always trying to "help" little brother. 90% of the time he could do without her "help."
7. Wanted to get a pic of all THREE. But my littlest wanted nothing to do with the camera. So I settled for two out of three.
8. After school on Friday we picked up lunch {again}. This time we took it to the park by John Ball Zoo. We had a little time to kill before meeting up with friends to hit up the Zoo.
9. Loving the new to us park by JBZ.
10. These 5 have so much fun together. We've had some great Zoo days!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. His second favorite spot in the house (second to thee entire basement)...
2. Daddy's gone a-hunting. So kids, mama, and gma go a-eating. (Big Bobs and Jersey Junction in EGR).
3. After dinner and ice cream we hit up Frog Hollow Park in Byron Center...
4. Putting the kiddos to work. Digging out my flowers.
5. Trying out the lotions at Aerie. She can get dirty with the best of them but deep down she is ALL girl (loves herself some pretties, shoes, clothes, lotions, and make-up).
6. My "baby's" first day of 4 school. How do they get this big this fast?! Right after school I picked up the other two minions and headed to their PCP's office to get their flu shots. Sitting in the waiting room I noticed something {wrong} about this picture. Major mom fail.
7. So you better believe I fixed my error and made Mase retake the picture later that day.! So stinking C-U-T-E!!!
8. My sweet Preschooler.
9. More first day pictures!!! In front of his locker and in front of his school.
10. Oh and took this picture and sent us the shot. LOVE!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Date night with the hubby (and the Fedewas). Love me some Allegan Grille House. Thanks for grilling me my dinner babe!
2. He is by far my best baby. Entertaining HIMSELF. Major VICTORY!!!
3. His sad face after I took the {butter} knife away. This kid is a climbing machine.
4. I already said. If it's climbable you better believe he'll be a-climbing.
5. and 6. SO much FUN at the Hudsonville Fair. Ride, rides, and MORE rides...
7. Enjoyed a very HOT zoo day with my three favorite munchkins.
8. They may not be sitting near each other but at least they're all looking!!! (Hey-it's the small victories).
9. Five of the seven Eisen/Helmholdt kids made it IN the picture. ONE of five looking. Not too shabby if I may say...
10. After a busy Labor Day Weekend we enjoyed a very peaceful and very relaxing day at G&G Helmholdt's house ON Labor Day.