Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Annual UP Labor Day Weekend

Once again Labor Day Weekend in the UP (at G&G Vugteveen's cabin) was a blast!!! There was just one minor blip (that occurred on our travels up) and that was when our radiator hose split open. Thankfully we had just pulled into Mackinaw City for lunch when the hubby saw the smoke. Three hours later (and all fixed up) we were on the road again. So glad it happened where we were. The three hours flew by hanging out by the water!!!
(Just a wee bit windy...)
Our weekend in pictures...
Going for walks, relaxing in the yard, tractor rides, and lots and LOTS of outdoor play.
Four-wheel/trailer rides GALORE.
We hit up a park and a beach (Hunter's Point).
We drove to Stonington Peninsula...
The eleven grands (oldest all the way down to the youngest).
At the park above and at Peninsula Point Lighthouse below.
My Tribe <3 p="">
Annual deck picture of the grands.

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