Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. In celebration of Mase's first (and oh so very successful) day of school we picked up lunch and ate it at a park (none other than Frog Hollow Park...again).
2. Chillaxing with my feet up while my three minions play in the sandbox.
3. Well my feet didn't last up for too long. This kid has no fear...
4. Love going on walks with this little lady. Just love her!!!
5. Didn't get a picture with my big boy on his first day of school so snapped this gem on his second day. (Don't mind my working attire).
6. Always trying to "help" little brother. 90% of the time he could do without her "help."
7. Wanted to get a pic of all THREE. But my littlest wanted nothing to do with the camera. So I settled for two out of three.
8. After school on Friday we picked up lunch {again}. This time we took it to the park by John Ball Zoo. We had a little time to kill before meeting up with friends to hit up the Zoo.
9. Loving the new to us park by JBZ.
10. These 5 have so much fun together. We've had some great Zoo days!!!

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