Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. His second favorite spot in the house (second to thee entire basement)...
2. Daddy's gone a-hunting. So kids, mama, and gma go a-eating. (Big Bobs and Jersey Junction in EGR).
3. After dinner and ice cream we hit up Frog Hollow Park in Byron Center...
4. Putting the kiddos to work. Digging out my flowers.
5. Trying out the lotions at Aerie. She can get dirty with the best of them but deep down she is ALL girl (loves herself some pretties, shoes, clothes, lotions, and make-up).
6. My "baby's" first day of 4 school. How do they get this big this fast?! Right after school I picked up the other two minions and headed to their PCP's office to get their flu shots. Sitting in the waiting room I noticed something {wrong} about this picture. Major mom fail.
7. So you better believe I fixed my error and made Mase retake the picture later that day.! So stinking C-U-T-E!!!
8. My sweet Preschooler.
9. More first day pictures!!! In front of his locker and in front of his school.
10. Oh and just.one.more...school took this picture and sent us the shot. LOVE!!!

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