Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. 10th Annual Pumpkin Walk at 2nd (Allendale) CRC in Allendale. (Only our second year but who's counting). A super fun (and FREE) event.
2. This lil guy refused to take a second nap for the day. Mommy was {obviously} very sad about this incident. 
3. 8th Annual Helmholdt "Fall Front Porch Picture." I prayed for NO rain. Got my wish. Should have prayed for NO sun too. Kids had squinty eyes and I couldn't get rid of the shadows but I guess pictures are not meant to be perfect.
4. Because I wasn't completely happy with the outdoor pic...made them take another one inside. Besides Molly's scowl I was happy with how it turned out!
5. Love Love LOVE fall Sunday afternoon walks.
6. Mason Dale~4.5 years.
7. Molly Elayne~2.5 years.
8. Crew Bryer~1 year.
9. My 3 BLESSINGS. So very blessed to be their mommy!!!
10. JD Expressions once again did a fab job on these late summer/early fall pictures.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. October 15-Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Lighting their candle in remembrance of their big sisters.
2. Wearing red in support of our Pastor who happens to be a Buckeye fan. (In our defense it was Pastor Appreciation Sunday). Go BLUE!!!
3. These two wild boys melt my heart.
4. Meijer is always fun with these two...
5. Boyz being crazy boyz. Mols had to pee so of course EVERYONE needed to troop the mile (slight exaggeration) to the bathroom.
6. After the potty break we headed on a walk {Hager Park trails}. Love this beautiful park. Crew found himself a branch. Only slightly larger than himself...
7. Heading out to Zoo Goes BOO...Ariel, baby deer, and a hunter. 
8. So.Much.FUN at Zoo Goes BOO.
9. Yes that would be Molly Ariel shooting the bear.
10. Mommy had ONE quick stop at Tanger...that turned into 5 stops (stores) and ended with the play area. After two stores (the second being Toys R Us) this kid was getting too heavy. He was out cold.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Learning his letters {L, F, and E}. And pretty proud of himself (as is his Momma).
 2. Licking every last bit of syrup off his plate...
3. A quick picture of my favorite lil three. I always send daddy daily pictures whenever he's gone (this was taken last week).
4. This little boy has had a rough last couple of days. First while wrestling with sis he somehow rolled over his paci and got a cut under his right eye and a cut on the bridge of his nose on the left side. Then today he tripped on the cement and scraped the left side of his face. Eek.
5. Chillaxing with a yogurt.
6. Mason's first field trip to Moelkers Orchard. Loved being able to spend the morning with my boy.
Mrs Cole and Mrs Vans MWF AM 4 class.
7. My lil 4-schooler <3 p="">
8. 9. and 10. (Because I included so many pictures). Went to New Salem last weekend with bits and pieces of the {Vugteveen} fam. As always it was a great time!
Mols, Connor, Mase, Austin, Brinley, Crew with Cambrey
Checking out the animals...
and feeding a few of them too.
Train ride...
We did the kiddie maze this year (instead of the adult/longer) maze. Glad we made that choice!!! 
Grandpa and Grandma with some of the grands.
Mommy with her babes.
A rare picture of me with my parents and my sister.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. I just love taking pictures of my sleeping babies. LOVE them SO!!!
2. Annual Monday horsie ride on Sandy. Love their excitement. Priceless!!!
3. Playing "don't let the vacuum get you"...
4. Just floating...(and wishing it were summer again).
5. This girl challenges me nearly On this particular day she wouldn't leave the toy store {Toys R Us} when I told her it was time to go. And because she threw a tantrum (and didn't listen) she got strapped into the stroller and had to watch her brothers play at the {Tanger} park for a good 20 minutes. Point was made...well until later that evening anyways.
 6. Finally she got to play and boy was she ever H-A-P-P-Y!!!
7. I love watching their relationship develop. Their love for each other is mutual.
8. Boys just being BOYS.
9. Daddy was gone hunting for a few days. Mommy and daddy were texting. Daddy sent Mason a Spiderman text and Molly an Ariel text (via Mom's phone) and obviously they HAD to run and put their Spiderman and Ariel costumes on.
10. Day #2 (of 4) of baby bears gymnastics. Pretty impressed with how well this gal listens to her teacher. Encouraging for this mama!