Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. We HAVE a walker (as of September 24, 2016)!!! Only took til 13.5 months. Literally took his first step on his own September 24 and by September 26 he was a professional already.
2. And this girl woke up dry the morning of September 26 so momma thought why not let's train this girl. It's been a journey but she IS trained with some accidents here and there. (For the record she fought me like a bear those first few days).
3. I don't think this bear is.BIG.enough...
4. She is very particular about where she pees. This was at Meijer. She wanted to pee in the upstairs bathroom NOT the downstairs bathroom. Personally I think she tries her best to aggravate me...
5. Playing dress up with friends. (Or maybe just hoping Halloween would hurry up and get here).
6. Early morning snack and toons in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
7. Great season Pirates!!!
8. Mason LOVED having Daddy as his coach!
9. Koetsier Greenhouse {Fall} fun with the Eisens.
10. Zeeland Pumpkinfest with the DeWitte's. Mason didn't know what to think about Batman. He.just.stared.in.AMAZEMENT.

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