Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Learning his letters {L, F, and E}. And pretty proud of himself (as is his Momma).
 2. Licking every last bit of syrup off his plate...
3. A quick picture of my favorite lil three. I always send daddy daily pictures whenever he's gone (this was taken last week).
4. This little boy has had a rough last couple of days. First while wrestling with sis he somehow rolled over his paci and got a cut under his right eye and a cut on the bridge of his nose on the left side. Then today he tripped on the cement and scraped the left side of his face. Eek.
5. Chillaxing with a yogurt.
6. Mason's first field trip to Moelkers Orchard. Loved being able to spend the morning with my boy.
Mrs Cole and Mrs Vans MWF AM 4 class.
7. My lil 4-schooler <3 p="">
8. 9. and 10. (Because I included so many pictures). Went to New Salem last weekend with bits and pieces of the {Vugteveen} fam. As always it was a great time!
Mols, Connor, Mase, Austin, Brinley, Crew with Cambrey
Checking out the animals...
and feeding a few of them too.
Train ride...
We did the kiddie maze this year (instead of the adult/longer) maze. Glad we made that choice!!! 
Grandpa and Grandma with some of the grands.
Mommy with her babes.
A rare picture of me with my parents and my sister.

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