Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. 10th Annual Pumpkin Walk at 2nd (Allendale) CRC in Allendale. (Only our second year but who's counting). A super fun (and FREE) event.
2. This lil guy refused to take a second nap for the day. Mommy was {obviously} very sad about this incident. 
3. 8th Annual Helmholdt "Fall Front Porch Picture." I prayed for NO rain. Got my wish. Should have prayed for NO sun too. Kids had squinty eyes and I couldn't get rid of the shadows but I guess pictures are not meant to be perfect.
4. Because I wasn't completely happy with the outdoor pic...made them take another one inside. Besides Molly's scowl I was happy with how it turned out!
5. Love Love LOVE fall Sunday afternoon walks.
6. Mason Dale~4.5 years.
7. Molly Elayne~2.5 years.
8. Crew Bryer~1 year.
9. My 3 BLESSINGS. So very blessed to be their mommy!!!
10. JD Expressions once again did a fab job on these late summer/early fall pictures.

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