Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. I just love taking pictures of my sleeping babies. LOVE them SO!!!
2. Annual Monday horsie ride on Sandy. Love their excitement. Priceless!!!
3. Playing "don't let the vacuum get you"...
4. Just floating...(and wishing it were summer again).
5. This girl challenges me nearly On this particular day she wouldn't leave the toy store {Toys R Us} when I told her it was time to go. And because she threw a tantrum (and didn't listen) she got strapped into the stroller and had to watch her brothers play at the {Tanger} park for a good 20 minutes. Point was made...well until later that evening anyways.
 6. Finally she got to play and boy was she ever H-A-P-P-Y!!!
7. I love watching their relationship develop. Their love for each other is mutual.
8. Boys just being BOYS.
9. Daddy was gone hunting for a few days. Mommy and daddy were texting. Daddy sent Mason a Spiderman text and Molly an Ariel text (via Mom's phone) and obviously they HAD to run and put their Spiderman and Ariel costumes on.
10. Day #2 (of 4) of baby bears gymnastics. Pretty impressed with how well this gal listens to her teacher. Encouraging for this mama!

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  1. I have one that challenges me too, every single day!!!! I've been thinking about putting my daughter in gymnastics but not sure how she'd do! Love all the pics!