Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. October 15-Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. Lighting their candle in remembrance of their big sisters.
2. Wearing red in support of our Pastor who happens to be a Buckeye fan. (In our defense it was Pastor Appreciation Sunday). Go BLUE!!!
3. These two wild boys melt my heart.
4. Meijer is always fun with these two...
5. Boyz being crazy boyz. Mols had to pee so of course EVERYONE needed to troop the mile (slight exaggeration) to the bathroom.
6. After the potty break we headed on a walk {Hager Park trails}. Love this beautiful park. Crew found himself a branch. Only slightly larger than himself...
7. Heading out to Zoo Goes BOO...Ariel, baby deer, and a hunter. 
8. So.Much.FUN at Zoo Goes BOO.
9. Yes that would be Molly Ariel shooting the bear.
10. Mommy had ONE quick stop at Tanger...that turned into 5 stops (stores) and ended with the play area. After two stores (the second being Toys R Us) this kid was getting too heavy. He was out cold.

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