Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Sandy pictures NEVER get old to me...
2-5.  I've been LOVING this fall. Thankful to enjoy another glorious God-given day this past Monday. And even better to enjoy it with these 3 little people. Spring Grove Park for the win!!!
(So many pictures~my apologies)!!!
6. Another beautiful Monday means we just had to hit up another park. Hughes Park for the win!!!
7. And yet another park day because well we just aren't going to have but one more nice day until winter HITS.
8. A visit to the mall with these three goons...
9. This kid is a ticking time bomb...hits {bruises} his head almost weekly.
10. Mason from a trunk or treat a few weeks back. Went with our neighbors. Obviously switched it up from a Hunter to THEE ultimate Spiderman.

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