Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Happy Halloween 2016 from {most of} the "Vugteveen" grands. This year they were a Witch (Addisyn), Leia Skywalker (Kylynn), a Bee (Cambrey), a Gorilla (Cole), Luke Skywalker (Easton), a Crayon (Brinley), a Hunter (Mason), Ariel (Molly), d naa baby deer (Crew),
2. Happy Happy BIRTHDAY (on November 1) to this guy!!! We love you!!!
3. Hanging with cousins while Grandma baby-sits ALL OF THEM!!!
4. My heart melts every time Crew goes in for a hug. He loves his big bro SO!!!
5. Yep-he thinks he's big stuff. Just "trying" to drive the neighbors Gator.
6. Snoozing boyz...
7. When moms at work on a weekend...this is a pretty common sight. (Pjs all.day.long).
8. Time change was a definite struggle for this lil guy. (This is Sunday at noon). I had told Brian (I was at work) to try his best not to let him nap until the afternoon. He just couldn't anymore...
(I have NEVER had a kid fall asleep in the highchair before. A first for everything)!!!
9. Monday morning he was up at 5:15 (again). This time I snuggled with him (versus trying to make him cry it out) so he fell back to sleep until 6. Would have slept longer but his sister woke him up.
 10. NO fear Helmholdt...

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