Friday, December 9, 2016

Ten On Friday

1. Always wants to be RIGHT by me when I'm getting ready...
2. Three of lifes greatest blessings. SO much love for these little peeps of mine!!! Set up the tree Thanksgiving weekend so of course come Sunday morning I had to snap a pic of them all dolled up.
3. Small Group bowling. Yes with all these was interesting. (A third family (with 2 kids) came late and the fourth family (with 3 kids) called in ill. It coulda been even more interesting)...
4. Oh sweet BOY. You bring me SO much JOY.
5. Wearing matching headbands...
6. So excited to give Molly her Christmas LOVE Bazaar gift (Legos!!!). He waited all of one day before giving us (mom, dad, Molly, and Crew) our presents.
7. Sweetest big brother award goes to MASON. Crew was under the weather and Mase wanted to hold his baby bro. (In Molly's defense she actually held him first...just didn't get a pic of her with him).
8. Using his throw up bucket as a sitting spot. (He never actually threw up IN the bucket).
9. Always wearing a pair of princess shoes. Always...
10. After a fun toddler time at For The Kidz Gym...they had to check out the gymnastic's class.

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