Friday, December 30, 2016

Ten On Friday

1. Two thirds of the gang. Crew was NOT in a picture taking mood this Christmas.
 2. Merry Christmas Day with G&G Helmholdt.
3. Checking out their new tablets...
4. Thought we would try to snap a quick pic before heading home. No cigar.
5. Got new bunk beds (and moved downstairs) a few weeks back. They had been sleeping in sleep bags for the last few weeks. But they got new bedding for Christmas from G&G Helmholdt so Christmas night they were all snuggled in sporting their new bedding.
6. Happy 3rd Birthday to our Molly Elayne!!!
7. Had to give her new bike a the garage. (Don't mind Mason's teeny tiny bike. His new bike came the next day on HIS birthday).
8. Happy 5th Birthday to our Mason Dale.
9. Birthday party #2 with G&G Helmholdt happened on December 29.
10. Happy Birthday to YOU BOTH. Happy Birthday to YOU BOTH. Happy Birthday dear Mason and Molly. Happy Birthday to YOU BOTH!!!

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