Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Ho Ho Ho...our first Santa visit of 2016. (At John Ball Zoo).
3. A successful Feeding the Animals at the Zoo.
4. Many a morning this is what are bed ends up looking like. (That is about to change...stay tuned).
5. This lil boy struggled with the flu on and off for a few days a couple of weeks ago. I spent a lot of time laying with him in Mason's empty bed. However, this kid always climbed down and fell (fast back to sleep) on the floor. Whatever floats your boat Crewsers!!!
6. They LOVE their little brother SO SO SO MUCH!!! He's one lucky little boy.
7. My sassy lil lady. Love her SO. Getting her Christmas on...
8. Santa visit (take 2) downtown Zeeland. Crew was petrified. Poor baby.
9. Baby it's C-O-L-D outside...but these kids do NOT care. Busy helping dad "shovel"...
10. And then the following morning Mason's school was canceled so more outdoor fun was had. (Crew loved it the night before but wasn't so sure this go around).

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