Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ten On Thursday

1. Making cookies from scratch is for the birds. Instead I bought premade precut Christmas cookies and then made the frosting from scratch. Way easier and still kid approved!!!
2. The Sunday before Christmas its been a tradition of ours to let the kids open ONE present. This year they all got a new puzzle.
3. Christmas Eve EVE we celebrated with our lil fam bam. Love these faces!!!
4. All ready for bed in their new pajamas and robes (and sitting on Crew's new blanket).
5. Molly having a blast on Christmas Eve celebrating with the Vugteveen clan.
6. Crew wasn't quite sure. This was his face most of the night. Oh and he wanted NO help in the opening presents department.
7. And finally Mase having a blast on Christmas Eve with the Vugteveen clan.
8. So much fun. Merry Christmas EVE with the Vugteveen family.
The boys {minus Crew}
The cousins {minus Brinley who was home with the flu}
First real bow. He was SO happy!!!
Best friends
Sweet lil family. This was round 2 on the family picture taking. Didn't get a good one on round 1 so they (mostly Molly) were threatened no dessert if I didn't get a smile. Got a smile!!!
She loves her big cousins.
9. Christmas morning stocking opening in their "Christmas" pjs from G&G Vugteveen.
10. All ready for {Christmas morning} church. Looking good Hemys. Looking good!!!

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