Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ten On Tuesday

1. Chapped cheeked Molly. What the great outdoors will do to ya in December...
2. This kid loves him some cereal...
3. Mmmmm those {red} Oreo cookies were G-O-O-D!!!
4. Snow day = Snowed in = pj day...all day long.
5. Working on writing his full name...Mason Dale Helmholdt. (I cut off the H in the second pic...oops).
6. Another success hunt for this kid{Brian}. They {Brian} shot a 9 point. Mase was in heaven!!!
7. Celebrated these two Christmas baby cuties this past weekend with the Vugteveen clan. Best party ever per M&M.
8. Happy {almost} Birthday to this {almost} FIVE year old.
9. Happy {almost} Birthday to this {almost} THREE year old.
10. She wanted to open her new diaper bag at G&G's house. Of course Mom and Dad said no. The moment we were home she wanted it open ASAP. Who cares that it was after 9pm. The following morning she was being way quiet so I shouted "where are you Mols?" In here she called back. Followed her voice to her {old} room...wiping her baby's butt ON the changing table.

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