Thursday, January 5, 2017

{Mason} Five Years

Stats: Mason's FIVE year old well child check up was today (third year in a row on January 5). Mason weighed 42 pounds and 2 ounces. (75th%). And measured 43.25 inches tall. (70th%). Mason gained exactly 5 pounds and grew 2.5 inches.
Sizes: Mason is wearing 5/5T/XS clothing. Size 4T and a few 6T underwear. And size 12 shoes. 
Food: Mason has become a fairly decent eater. Willing to try most anything except vegetables, pasta, and eggs. Breakfast faves are cereal, PB and jelly folded, and french toast sticks. He loves ALL meat. He dislikes ALL dairy (except ice cream and shredded cheese). As for fruit he likes grapes, apples, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Other fave foods include pizza, bread sticks, PB and jelly sandwiches (folded NOT cut), cheeseburgers, fruit snacks, chocolate, and candy. And lastly he mostly drinks chocolate milk (dislikes white milk) or water but does like lemonade and pop.
Routine: I'm not sure what time Mason typically wakes in the morn but he has an alarm clock in his (well he and Molly's) room (as of early December) that lights up green at 7am. He is not allowed (and gets in trouble) if he gets out of bed before 7am. Pretty sure he sits staring at the clock before 7 because by 7:06 he is ALWAYS in our bed. He never naps...unless in the car between 4 and 6pm then he might fall asleep for a few minutes. And he goes to bed at 8:30pm and falls asleep almost instantaneously.
Loves:  Mason loves playing with his (or daddy's) tablets. Loves all things Spiderman and the Avengers!!! Loves playing with his cousins and friends. Loves playing with Legos, Magnaformers, and play doh. Loves writing his letters and coloring. Loves baseball and bowling. Loves riding his bike. And loves to wrestle (especially with daddy).
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You still love playing with your bestest neighborhood pals Adryanna and Blake. You guys have so much fun together and you see a LOT of each other since we live right next door. 
  • You started your second year of Awana this fall. You absolutely LOVE it. And mommy and daddy LOVE seeing you blossom through it.
  • Your school teachers and Kidzone teachers all say what a nice little boy you are. You listen so well. Never get in trouble. And praise Jesus with all your heart!!!
  • You started 4 school in September and can now write your own name!!!
  • You love deer and coyote hunting with dad. You went a ton this fall. Even killed (well daddy did) your first doe and buck!!!
  • Well Mols and Crew nap you do a wonderful job staying entertained on your tablet so mommy can either get stuff done or nap. 
  • You stopped taking Singular this Spring. You take Miralax only on occasion (and only if we don't tell you).
  • You did swim lessons again this year but with Miss Brittany. It wasn't nearly as traumatic as your lessons with Miss Rita.
  • You played Spring ball and Fall ball this year and loved it. Made for a busy spring/fall but worth it for the smile on your face!!!
  • You STILL need help wiping your butt after a poop. Will this ever end?!
  • You dislike playing Wii. However, you LOVE watching others (like daddy and Blake) play.
  • You're super competitive. You ALWAYS want to win. And are a super bad sport if you lose.
  • You're favorite color is RED.
  • You want to be Spiderman when you grow up!!!
  • You finally started riding your bike in June. FINALLY!!! Now to get those training wheels off.
  • You are scared silly of the basement. You will NOT go downstairs unless someone else goes with you. Even if its two in the afternoon. {Sigh}.

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