Thursday, January 5, 2017

{Molly} Three Years

Stats: Molly's THREE year old well-child check up was today. She weighed 29 pounds 2 ounces. (25th%). And measured 37.75 inches tall. (75th%). She gained almost 6lbs and grew 4.25 inches in EXACTLY a year!!! Third year in a row WCE (well child exam) was on January5.
Sizes: Molly has been wearing 3T clothing since the fall, 2T undies, and she wears a size 8 in the shoe department.
Food: Not much has changed from last year {Insert HUGE sigh}. Molly is (I swear) the world's pickiest eater. Her fave foods are candy, chocolate, fruit snacks, and anything snacky. Real health nut. She loves drinkable yogurt smoothies, shredded cheese, mac & cheese, and pizza. She doesn't mind white milk just prefers chocolate milk if given a choice. The only fruits she'll eat are grapes, strawberries, and apples. She dislikes all vegetables. And besides chicken nuggets she doesn't like meat. (She prefers her nuggets from McDonalds or Wendys). She LOVES cereal. Molly is NOT a first thing in the morning eater. Her breakfast often sits on the table most mornings and come afternoon either her or more likely Crew will have finished it. She loves apple juice, lemonade, and pop but mostly drinks water or chocolate milk.
Routine: Molly typically wakes between 7-7:30. I think she would sleep longer but she shares a room with Mase (who is always up at 7am sharp). She goes down for a nap anywhere between 1:30/2:30 and sleeps most often for two hours but on occasion up to 3 hours. Love those three hour nap days!!! Molly goes to bed at 8:30pm. Up until early December I still rocked her and sang "Rock-A-Bye-Baby" and one round of "Old McDonald (along with brushing teeth, potty, and prayers). Then in early December her and Mase moved downstairs into bunk beds and since then its just brush teeth, go potty, and say prayers. And thankfully once down...she is DOWN. She does NOT come back out. She knows if she does she'll be in BIG trouble.
Loves: Molly loves shoes (not quite as obsessed as last year but still a huge fan). Molly loves her B (blankie). Molly loves her bops (pacis). Although she is days away from it being a memory. Molly loves watching kids uTube on iPhones. Molly loves her cousins and her friend Adryanna. Molly loves scary movies. (NO JOKE). And Molly loves swimming in the tub.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • Your favorite phrase is...[insert name] you're mean.
  • You are obsessed with doctor equipment. Good thing you got a TON of Doc McStuffins goods for your Christmas and Birthday.
  • You like playing with your princess barbies, princess dress up clothes, and being a mommy to your babies (feeding and changing them).
  • You despise your hair being brushed. You scream and whine through it all.
  • You talk NONSTOP in the van. Favorite saying in the van is "Mom, I want to tell you something. Red means stop. Green means go. And yellow means slow down."
  • You took swim lessons for the first time with Miss Rita. You were NOT a fan. Screamed for pretty much two weeks straight.
  • Your favorite movies are Zootopia, Goosebumps, and Jurassic World.
  • You tried gymnastics for a month in October but to mommy's surprise you didn't really enjoy it. So we stopped after the month.
  • You (and Mason) moved downstairs December 2 to your new bunk beds. You adjusted like a champ. You have no fear of the basement.
  • Your favorite colors are pink and purple.
  • You potty-trained the end of September (the 26th to be exact) at 2 years 9 months. You were a challenge the first couple of weeks, have had a few more accidents than Mase, but overall did a fantastic job adjusting to big girl undies.
  • When you were first potty training you always asked for privates (privacy). Now you say "I want privacy please." You were independent for awhile but are now back to wanting mom to come into the bathroom with you. 50/50 whether you need my help with anything (pulling your pants down, sitting you on the potty, or wiping you) or you simply just want to tell me you want privacy.
  • You are a mommy's girl when it comes to you needing help with anything. That includes: going potty, getting you in your car seat, or putting you to bed.
  • You are {STILL} our Sassy Strong-Willed Spitfire (thankfully toned down a touch from last year) but we still LOVE you to death baby girl!!!

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