Sunday, June 25, 2017

21-32 Weeks

21 week A wasn't in a cooperative mood. Got a good shot of his spine though!

22 week US. Look at those sweet baby BOY faces. Cervix was a touch funneled today so I got the speech about taking it easy and not doing things that I don't need to be doing. It funneled with Mase too so not overly concerned but take it easy I will do.
After my 22 week US Brian told me NO more errand running with kids but especially not Crew (Didn't want me to carry him around anymore than necessary). So Brian started getting our weekly groceries. My mother-in-law, mom and sister started cleaning my house. My mother-in-law started doing my laundry. And both Grandpas took turns bringing and picking Mase up from Preschool. Basically I didn't leave my house unless I was headed to work, heading to an appointment OR if Brian or my mom was with me. Occasionally I did get out to run a few low key errands. So thankful for ALL the help!!! After the funneling at 22 weeks I had NO more cervical issues. Praise the Lord!

Baby {BOY} A at 23 weeks weighing in at 1lb 5oz.
Baby {BOY} B at 23 weeks weighing in at 1lb 7oz.
The boys and I at 24 weeks...
The boys and I at 27 weeks...
At my 27 week growth scan Baby A weighed 2lb 11oz and Baby B weighed 3lb 3oz. (The pictures from the scan were terrible). And my belly measured in at 37 WEEKS already. Started to feel uncomfortable at this point in my pregnancy. 

The boys and I at 30 weeks...
Started my twice a week non stress tests (NSTs) at 30 weeks because of the fact that I am pregnant with twins. Not because my blood pressure was high (why I started NSTs with Mase, Mols, and Crew). I passed the first one with flying colors thanks to nurse Beth but the tech couldn't get the boys on the monitor for NST #2. Finally after an hour of the tech trying to get them on the monitors I had an US to confirm blood flow in the placentas. Both boys had great flow.

NST #3 was successful although it took my nurse {Mary} a few to get the boys hooked up. NST #4 was another fail but since I had a growth US scheduled nurse Chris bagged the NST with Dr. VB's permission.

At my 31 week growth scan I didn't get any pictures of the boys but Baby A weighed 4lb 11oz and Baby B weighed 4lb 14oz. (Already 9lb 9oz of baby plus 2 placentas and 2 bags of fluid. Eek)!!!

Also started my BP pill (Labetalol) at 31 weeks 5 days because of a 140/90 pressure.

The boys and I at 32 weeks...
NST #5 was another success thanks to nurse Beth as was NST #6.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The BIG Reveal

And for those wondering what if the US tech is wrong...
Definitely BOYS and definitely NOT bashful!!!

13-20 Weeks

Me and the babes at 13 weeks.
15 week scan on 2.6.17. My mom and Mase came with. Started my cervical checks.
Me and the babes at 16 weeks.
17 week scan on 2.23.17. My mom, Molly, and my niece Brinley came with. For whatever reason I was really nervous for this cervical check. Obviously I'm assuming it was because I was 17 weeks. With the girls I looked GREAT at 16 weeks and at my 20 week scan I was dilated to a 4. So I was just praying the cervix looked long and closed yet. It did!!!
 19 week (and 2 day) ANATAMY scan on 3.7.17. Brian came with me and PRAISE THE LORD both babies were healthy. Always such a relief to hear. We had the US tech write the babies sex on a card and had her seal the envelops shut. Reveal party set for March 11 with our families. And PTL (again) cervix was still long and closed. At 19wk5d I was dilated to a 4 when pregnant with the girls.
Me and the babes at 20 weeks...
20 week scan and now doing weekly cervical checks until 23/24 weeks (just to be on the safe side). AND my first US that I went by myself. Who-rah for me!!!

Friday, June 2, 2017

6-12 Weeks

After December 5 I completely stopped blogging about this pregnancy. For multiple reasons. First I was tired. Like really tired. Second I just wasn't in the mood. I didn't feel like doing anything I had to "think" about. And third I puked for 17 weeks straight (morning, night, and middle of the night) which also made me more tired. As time went on we adjusted to the idea of twins. And obviously NOW we are excited (and maybe a touch nervous). I mean seriously FIVE kids 5 and under. But we're a team and together we got this. SO SO SO thankful for a super hands on hubby. Love him!!!

Part of me feels bad for not blogging every detail of this pregnancy like I did with my other pregnancies but can't go back and remember all the details so a few thoughts and pictures will have to suffice.

After my 6 week US (the US where we found out it was twins) we drove over to my in-laws to let them in on our happenings. And afterwards I called my brothers and let them in on our secret too. (My parents and sister already knew). And then I believe later that night I texted/emailed my close friends and my Bible study girls. It was another rough night of little to no sleep. The following morning in tears I told my coworkers. Who were super supportive.

Driving to my 8 week US (on 12.19.16) I started worrying that maybe they would find a third baby. Thankfully that was not the case. Whew! Unfortunately Dr. Dodds did have a hard time measuring Baby B (outline wasn't as defined as Baby A as you can tell by the picture below) so he recommended at my first prenatal appointment I have an US to make sure Baby B was progressing well. Something he told me NOT to stress about but something I of course did worry about {a little bit anyways} for the next three weeks. (So much so that I made my mom join me at my 11 week appointment). At this scan we also heard the heartbeats for the first time. At the scan on December 5 we were in such shock that it was twins that Dr. Dodds just measured the babies and met us in a room to talk.

I had a new OB this go around. Not by choice but because my beloved Dr. J was no longer with my OB office. West Michigan OB had turned into Spectrum Health OB after I delivered Crew. And as all things Spectrum Health go Dr. J and SH didn't see eye to eye so he decided to leave the practice. (And was no longer practicing). I decided to see Dr. VandenBosch (another doctor in the same practice). She's been great so for that I am very thankful. Still miss my beloved Dr. J though.
The babes at 11 weeks...
Took me 12 weeks to take a belly shot this go around...

The Beginning (October 20-December 8)

This pregnancy (at least the start) was SUCH an emotional roller coaster. I will not be sharing all the details of the twins story as the beginning was a very difficult and trying time in our lives. Ironic I know since having a bab(ies) should be the most exciting time of ones life. So here's our story in bullet points. (Please disregard the present and past tense. I initially wrote this back in Oct-Dec but revised some of it just recently).

October 20...Cycle started. Called the Fertility Center to let them know. Told me to start testing (for my LH surge) on day 8 which would be 10/27/16. (We had decided to implant our remaining two embryos using a natural cycle. Meaning NO medication. Hence the testing for my LH surge).
October 27...Started checking for my LH surge.
November 3... Still haven't surged. Called the Fertility office to set up an ultrasound for late the following afternoon. I was getting worried because I work the weekend and would not be able to get an ultrasound should I surge on Saturday or Sunday. And you HAVE to get an ultrasound on the day or the day after you surge.
November 4...Finally (on day 16) a positive LH Surge. Glad I already had an appointment set up for later this afternoon. Appointment showed we were a GO. Transfer set for Tuesday. I should stop and mention here (again) that we chose to do a natural cycle. Meaning NO meds. Everything is natural as in my bodies own doing except obviously the embryos. We were VERY happy with our family of 5 and honestly didn't really want another baby (and for sure not two more). Doing it the natural route gave us a 10% less chance of success. (Still had a 38% chance it would take). We were encouraged by Dr. Dodds (a Christian man) that we were using our embryos to their full potential (that many people opt this route to finish off their embryos). The embryos would be transferred at my most fertile time of the month (hence checking my LH surge and the ultrasound to confirm surge). If God wanted them to stick He would make it happen.
November 8...Implantation day.
Last picture as a mom of three (Earthly) babies
The embabies
And they are in...
I drove myself to implantation because Dr. Dodds said it was unnecessary that Brian come with. Of course once called back the first thing the nurse says to me is "do you have someone to drive you home?" I said nope Dr. Dodds said that was unnecessary and since this is my 7th implantation I felt more than comfortable coming by myself. She then says "did you take the Valium?" I said yep the nurse told me to on the phone. Her response..."well then you can't drive yourself home. Seriously?! (Although this does make complete sense). So before I went back for the transfer I called Brian (who did not answer) and then my mom. She answered and immediately headed my way to come and pick me up. Thank goodness for parents. (My dad stayed with my hooligans).
November 14...Finally made US appointment (if blood test is positive)...else appointment would just be canceled. Ultrasound set for Dec 8 at 11am.
November 16...Spotted while at work. Text Brian the {good} news. Feeling relieved.
November 17...Holy crap a positive pregnancy test. Guess that spotting was implantation spotting. Brian's response when I called was...thanks for ruining my day. Oh boy. Someone is less than thrilled.
November 18...Blood test came back positive too. Hcg was 154 (on day 11). Call came just after 3pm. Freaking {and I mean FREAKING) out that its twins. My hcg on day 12 with the twins was 156. I am not going to share all the details of this evening but it is a night I (we) will never forget as long as I (we) live. It was not a celebratory night to put it bluntly. Also spotted a little more today. Oh also changed US to December 5 at 4:20pm.
November 19...Dark long day. Went to Hudsonville Parade for a distraction from what feels like our life falling apart. Spotted some more.
November 21...Called the Fertility Center to ask Sandy (my main IVF nurse) some hcg questions. Wondering if natural cycles can produced different hcg levels. As in higher levels quicker. My first hcg with Crew (at day 14) was 702. Long story short its possible natural cycles produce higher levels of hcg but we won't know for sure until US day. December 5 seems forever and ions away.
November 22...Blood test #2. Hcg was 688. Dodds called to say congrats. I was putting Crew to bed and missed the message. It was 8:01pm. His congrats almost made me puke. In a dark spot. Praying for God to take these feelings away.
November 23...Brian and I talk (really talk) for the first time since (well since implantation) but what I was going to say was since finding out we were expecting again. Had a really good talk. We got this. Family of 6 or family of 7. Oh my word...please be a family of 6. Slept half way decent for the first time in a week.
November 24...Thanksgiving Day. Glad for time with family but man are my hormones making me crazy. One minute feeling happy. The next sad. The next...well it just never ends.
December 5...US Day.'s TWINS. No exclamation point here.
Other notes for remembrance sake: Barely ate for three days. (The Thursday of the positive pregnancy test and the following two days). Then only minimally for the next few. Once the nerves finally settled {as in Brian and I finally got on the same page/started talking) I finally started eating a little better. Other early symptoms I had were back aches. Of course the spotting. Dry mouth at night and being super thirsty throughout the day. Water being my number one choice to drink (so unlike all my other pregnancies).