Sunday, June 4, 2017

13-20 Weeks

Me and the babes at 13 weeks.
15 week scan on 2.6.17. My mom and Mase came with. Started my cervical checks.
Me and the babes at 16 weeks.
17 week scan on 2.23.17. My mom, Molly, and my niece Brinley came with. For whatever reason I was really nervous for this cervical check. Obviously I'm assuming it was because I was 17 weeks. With the girls I looked GREAT at 16 weeks and at my 20 week scan I was dilated to a 4. So I was just praying the cervix looked long and closed yet. It did!!!
 19 week (and 2 day) ANATAMY scan on 3.7.17. Brian came with me and PRAISE THE LORD both babies were healthy. Always such a relief to hear. We had the US tech write the babies sex on a card and had her seal the envelops shut. Reveal party set for March 11 with our families. And PTL (again) cervix was still long and closed. At 19wk5d I was dilated to a 4 when pregnant with the girls.
Me and the babes at 20 weeks...
20 week scan and now doing weekly cervical checks until 23/24 weeks (just to be on the safe side). AND my first US that I went by myself. Who-rah for me!!!

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