Friday, June 2, 2017

6-12 Weeks

After December 5 I completely stopped blogging about this pregnancy. For multiple reasons. First I was tired. Like really tired. Second I just wasn't in the mood. I didn't feel like doing anything I had to "think" about. And third I puked for 17 weeks straight (morning, night, and middle of the night) which also made me more tired. As time went on we adjusted to the idea of twins. And obviously NOW we are excited (and maybe a touch nervous). I mean seriously FIVE kids 5 and under. But we're a team and together we got this. SO SO SO thankful for a super hands on hubby. Love him!!!

Part of me feels bad for not blogging every detail of this pregnancy like I did with my other pregnancies but can't go back and remember all the details so a few thoughts and pictures will have to suffice.

After my 6 week US (the US where we found out it was twins) we drove over to my in-laws to let them in on our happenings. And afterwards I called my brothers and let them in on our secret too. (My parents and sister already knew). And then I believe later that night I texted/emailed my close friends and my Bible study girls. It was another rough night of little to no sleep. The following morning in tears I told my coworkers. Who were super supportive.

Driving to my 8 week US (on 12.19.16) I started worrying that maybe they would find a third baby. Thankfully that was not the case. Whew! Unfortunately Dr. Dodds did have a hard time measuring Baby B (outline wasn't as defined as Baby A as you can tell by the picture below) so he recommended at my first prenatal appointment I have an US to make sure Baby B was progressing well. Something he told me NOT to stress about but something I of course did worry about {a little bit anyways} for the next three weeks. (So much so that I made my mom join me at my 11 week appointment). At this scan we also heard the heartbeats for the first time. At the scan on December 5 we were in such shock that it was twins that Dr. Dodds just measured the babies and met us in a room to talk.

I had a new OB this go around. Not by choice but because my beloved Dr. J was no longer with my OB office. West Michigan OB had turned into Spectrum Health OB after I delivered Crew. And as all things Spectrum Health go Dr. J and SH didn't see eye to eye so he decided to leave the practice. (And was no longer practicing). I decided to see Dr. VandenBosch (another doctor in the same practice). She's been great so for that I am very thankful. Still miss my beloved Dr. J though.
The babes at 11 weeks...
Took me 12 weeks to take a belly shot this go around...

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