Tuesday, July 11, 2017

33-36 Weeks

(Week 33-34)...NSTs #7-10 all went well thanks to nurse Beth.
The boys and I at 34 weeks...
(Week 35)...NSTs #11-12 went well (thankfully) thanks to a couple of different techs since Beth was pulled to MFM. Blood pressure has remained stable (140s/80s), none to a mere trace of protein in my urine, and up about 60 pounds (yes you read that correctly). I worked my last day (of this pregnancy) at 35 weeks and 2 days. A few weeks back (honestly don't remember exactly when) my arms/hands started going numb in the middle of the night. (Assuming from my weight crushing them). It often made me lie awake early in the morning for an hour or so before finally falling back to sleep. Well the occasional numbness turned into constant numbness (carpal tunnel) in most of my right fingers (except my pinkie) and two of my left fingers. Not so enjoyable. 

And one last thing happened in week 35 that carried over to week 36. On June 24 (34w6d) I felt a pop in my mouth when eating lunch which turned into pain with eating. Later that night I notice swelling under my tongue. Didn't think much of it Sunday or Monday (just had swelling under my tongue and minimal pain with eating). But Tuesday morning when eating breakfast under my jaw started swelling and the swelling under my tongue got much worse (very painful when eating). The swelling slowly subsided but when I ate lunch it got really bad again. Subsided again and then when I had a snack both swelled again. Talked to Jeff (doctor I work for) and he said I know what's going on. You have a salivary gland stone. Liza (a coworker) and I looked at each other and laughed because that's what Doctor Google "told" me at lunch. When I say "told" that's what my research came up with. I asked Jeff what that meant and he said often surgery to remove it. WHAT?!! I do NOT have time for that. Wednesday was the same as Tuesday (swelling would come and go and it was very painful to eat). I was on the phone a lot on Wednesday setting up appointments. Called dentist who was going to send me to an oral surgeon but I figured out that Oral Surgeons do not work with BCBS (my insurance). Jeff said to call my PCP to get a referral to an ENT (who would par with my insurance). An NP at my PCP's office could see me the following morning at 9:30. (Wished they would just have sent in a referral but totally get that they had to see me first. I do after all work in a doctor's office). She ordered an US (put it in STAT) so I got an appointment the following day (Friday at 2:30pm). A CT is the best way to visualize a stone(s) but for obvious reasons I couldn't have a CT. Got the results back on Saturday morning (showed no abnormality or stone). Hmmm. Thankfully the NP put in my referral to Winkle (the ENT Jeff told me to see) on Thursday with the US so I called on Thursday and scheduled an appointment for Monday morning at 8:30. On Thursday after my appointment I noticed that when eating my mouth wasn't as painful nor did it swell as much. Same thing on Friday, Saturday. and Sunday. I kept my appointment (thankfully being Monday morning I couldn't cancel it) even though I figured nothing but embarrassment would come from it. On Monday morning Dr Winkle removed a 2mm stone from my submandibular or sublingual gland (the stone was the swelling under my tongue). It was removed with a local anesthetic and an 11 inch blade. Thankful it did NOT require surgery.

Me and the boys at 35 weeks...
Had my last growth US on 6-29-17 at 35w5d. Boys weighed in at 6#5oz and 6#15oz. THAT IS A LOT OF BABY IN THERE!!! And both were head down!!!

Me and the boys at 36 weeks (and 1 day)...
Talked with my doctor last week Monday (6.26) and induction is scheduled for 7-11-17. I told the tech that I would like it scheduled so when Dr VB walked in my room she said induction is set for the 18th. I nearly (excuse me) shit my pants. I responded I thought we were scheduling at 37 weeks. She said that is 37 weeks. I said I'm 37 weeks on the 9th. She left and came back and said alright we're now set for the 11th. Still a day later than we had originally talked about but since she's on call that day the 11th made sense.

At my appointment on 7-3-17 the papers were signed and the induction time was set...5am. A couple hiccups occurred at my appointment though first the boys took over an hour to pass the NST (#13). They needed to be zapped mid way through for the third time (they were zapped at two other NSTs) and my BP was high (150/90) so I had to get some lab work/urine sample done to make sure I wasn't going pre eclamptic. The on/call doctor who I saw (because my doctor was on vacation) said he would call me Tuesday morning (The Fourth) with the results. Saw my results via MyHeath early Tuesday morning. Most everything was normal (AST, ALT, and urine WERE normal). Only thing off was my platelets. Platelets were 124. (Normal is 140-400). However, Dr. Dodd was comfortable with holding off on an induction since my platelets back in April were only 140 and I was having NO symptoms

NST #14 (final one!!!) went great. Boys passed with flying colors. But my blood pressure was still elevated at 148/88 so the on call doctor (my doctor was still on vacation) wanted me to get my labs checked again. Before leaving he asked when I was last checked. I said back on 6.26 and I was NOT dilated or effaced at all. Since I hadn't been checked in 10 days the on call doctor wanted to quick check me. I said no problem. Well good thing he did cause I was dilated to a 5/6 and was sent over to labor and delivery...


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