Thursday, July 20, 2017

Birth Story

I went to my appointment on July 6th thinking "Yea, my last {pregnancy} appointment EVER!" Not for a second did I think I wouldn't head home afterwards. As I was leaving my house I told the kids I would see them in two hours. Well two hours definitely came and went.

My doctor (Vanden Bosch) was on vacation so I saw the on call doctor of the day (Dr. Van Slooten). I passed my NST with flying colors but since my blood pressure was still high (148/88), the low platelet count from Monday, and because I had a trace of protein in my urine he recommended we get my labs rechecked. Before leaving he asked when I had last been "checked." I said last week Monday (June 29). At which point I was not dilated or effaced at all. He asked if I minded him checking me before heading home. I said that would be fine. Good thing he did. I was already at a 5/6...with NO regular contractions. At that point he told me he did not feel comfortable sending me home and asked if I would be okay if he sent me over to L&D. I was (for the most part) fine heading over but said to the doctor. Do I need to go now or can I come back tonight? I went on to say we currently do NOT have a vehicle that can transport our whole family and my husband was suppose to drive to Midland to check out a van that evening. (In my mind I thought he could run there "quick" that afternoon and then we could head back up to the hospital that night). He said I needed to go now. Wouldn't be safe to wait. So I called Brian and told him what was up. Told him to head home and grab my bag before coming to the hospital.

I was wheeled over (via wheelchair) to L&D around 11am. Brian arrived a short while later. Initially my blood pressure went down a touch but then it sky rocketed up to 160s/100s. Labs were drawn and platelets came back lower than Monday at 108. Other labs all checked out fine. But with the platelet count trending down and my BP trending up Dr. Cottingham (the o/c doctor IN HOUSE) said looks like you'll be leaving here with your babies in your arms. First thought was to give steroids at noon on Thursday and again at noon on Friday and induce Saturday afternoon. But when my blood pressure spiked to 160s/100s and would only come down with IV Labetalol. And when the US showed that both boys were no longer head down but transverse Dr. C decided to give steroids at noon on Thursday and at midnight on Friday. And a C/S was scheduled for 1:30 Friday afternoon. (I was super bummed about the change to a section since Baby A had been head down for the last 4-5 weeks (Dr. VB told me he would not change positions) and because both babies were head down the week before at my last growth US).

Brian ran home to grab a few more things and get some things in order to purchase the van. (Brian called the dealership in Midland, explained what was happening, and they offered to bring the van to us! If we didn't like the van on sight they would drive it back at no cost to us. FYI we ended up buying the van and it was delivered to us on Saturday (7/8/17). God worked out ALL the details!!!) Anyways I was moved to an ante partum room for the night. My parents came to visit. Else Brian worked from his computer while I just chilled by watching a movie. It was a sleepless night for us both-the bed/couches were super uncomfortable.

The following morning around 950 I started contracting (on my own) every 5 minutes. Around 11:30am I was moved to a triage room for my C/S. Just to confirm that the boys placement hadn't changed we did another US and low and behold...they were BOTH HEAD DOWN!!! So I was moved to an L&D room. Before moving my cervix was checked and I was dilated to a 7 and completely thinned out. I requested an epidural ASAP. (Dr. VB told me how important it was to have an epidural for baby B in case something went wrong). My labs had to be rechecked (it had been over 6 hours since my last draw). If my platelets were too low (below 100) it would be too risky to do an epidural. Thankfully my platelets trended up to 113. At 2:30pm I got my epidural. At 2:45 Baby A's bag of water was broke. Almost immediately I felt sick, nauseous and really hot. My blood pressure tanked from 160s/100s to 100s/50s. I vomited which made me feel a touch better. Both boys heart rates dipped so they threw me on my left side and gave me some oxygen. And I laid like that for the next 2 hours (feeling the urge to push Baby A). Dr Kreuze (yet another doctor in the practice) arrived at some point. One more US was done (still head down). And then it was decided (by Dr. Kreuze) to set up and deliver in the L&D room versus the OR. Dr. K and the resident were watching the monitors for awhile and then around 5pm Dr. K said lets have some babies. At this point though my contractions had died down to basically nothing. (Guessing because of the epidural and the fact that I spent 2 hours chilling on my side). So some Pitocin was started (more for Baby B than Baby A). After 3 contractions and 9 pushes out came a perfectly handsome lil boy at 1717 (5:17pm). Weighing in at 7 pounds 4 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. Brian immediately got to hold him since I didn't feel comfortable due to the post delivery shakes and the fact that I still had another baby to push out. The Pitocin was increased quite quickly and thus didn't take long for me to feel the urge to push. After maybe 5 more contractions and 15 pushes out came a second very perfect looking lil boy at 1739 (5:39pm). Weighing in at 7 pounds 9 ounces and measuring 20 inches long. Jax was immediately placed on me (after birth shakes and all) and soon I was given Asher as well. At some point Jax needed a CPAP mask but no oxygen...just so he could breathe in his own air a little better and only for a few mintues. Else they checked out perfectly healthy. What an answer to prayer!!!

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